Randy Travis - Precious Lord Take Me Home

I just got turned onto this tune. Check out the beautiful harmonica playing by Jelly Roll Johnson:

Song is in the key of C, and Jelly Roll is playing a Low F harmonica. Here’s the tabs for you:

​-1 2 -2 -2 -2’ -2
​-3" -3 -4 -3" -3 -4
​5 -4 5 6
​2 3 -3β€™β€˜β€™ -3’
​-3" -3 -4 -4’ -4 5
​25 36 25 36
​-4’ -4 -4’ -4 (vibrato) -4’ 4 -3’ -3 -4 -3’ -3 -4 -1
​I had never heard of Jelly Roll Johnson before! What a tasty player…

Hope that helps someone.:sunglasses:

Rock on,


Wow, is that good, just everything, the complete song, the voice and of course the harp :point_left:.
The song grabs me right away and you can follow it straight away even though I didn’t know it.
Thank you for the :yum: bite.

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Hi Luke @Luke,

I posted this score of Precious Lord, Take My Hand for @Poppo back in March. As you can see, it is in the key of G, but, of course, the tabs can be played on any blues harp, where the key of the song then changes according to the harp used.

Your link is terrific for this great gospel melody where Randy Travis and Jelly Roll Johnson both play with so much emotion! Thank you, Luke.

– Slim :sunglasses:

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