Rate a harp!

Well i thought it would be fun and helpful to rate a harp. Rate something you own, or ask someone to rate one for you (if they have it). This thread could be like a reference guide for buying a harmonica. Unfortunately, i won’t rate a harmonica because (1) i only have one harp, and (2) i don’t really know what are the differences in harps. One thing to remember is that you could rate a harp any way you want it. But if you want a basic layout then at least rate its performance and appearance.

I have a request: The Hohner Meisterklasse and the Suzuki Pro Harp.

I just think they look cool, but if they play well, then it will be on my wishlist.

Semi Off-topic: What does it mean when a harmonica is valved?

Hi Ace,
I play the Suzuki promaster and I reckon it’s one of the best ;D

Do we have a poll on this we should.

I always try new harps and always go back to Golden Melody ;D

One day might get one customized by the guy that Todd Parrot is talking about in this video 8)

Joe Spiers Custom Harmonica - Todd Parrott

I just checked the price of them and well lets see when I turn pro and go on my world tour when I get back
I will order one. :o

Harp on!!

My personnal favorite-----Seydel 1847 Classic, Beta 1 Key D set up by Ben Bouman!

I’ve tried Hohners, personnally I don’t care for the Golden Melody’s. Others do and that is great!

I’ve got 6 Lee Osker’s, easy to sound, but I don’t like how thick they feel.

So my preferance as of right now is Seydel 1847’s.

Note: I also have 2 Seydel Blues Sessions, sound nice but not as tuff as the 1847’s ie hole 7 going South on my Ab now.

I have Special 20s, Suzuki Manjis and Lee Oskars.

I like the sound on the Lee Oskars, but I dislike the way the feel in my mouth and my hands. They’re “block” shaped.

I like the Specials and Manjis the best. I like the shape of the covers and they’re just a tiny bit smaller than the Oskars–and “fit” better in my hands.

Hey, Ace!

From HarpLog:

[i]Q: What is a valved diatonic?

A: Suzuki markets the Promaster diatonic harmonica with and without valves, also known as windsavers. By adding valves to certain holes it is possible to obtain notes though bending that are not usually available on a diatonic.

Diatonic players interested in achieving chromatic tones usually focus on the valved or overblow technique (but not both) since the note placement for the accidentals ends up at different holes.

Also, the choice is made between the techniques by timbre aesthetic preference – some like the valve bent sound better than the overblow, others like the color or the overblow.[/i]

Hope that answers that. But somebody who owns one or more can probably fill in more on their reviews.

Keep on jammin’!

If I could recommend a harmonica, it would be the Firebreath. It’s everything the Promaster is not (and the promaster is a great harp!). They have very much in common, but the Firebreath is sweeter and fatter, and very responsive!

Well, the price of the Suzuki Promaster is the price of the special 20 at my music store. I don’t want the Meisterklasse anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing about the Firebreath is that it has a wood comb. I’ve heard that wood has a bad taste because of it’s sealers. Honestly, the reason I made this thread is because I’m possibly getting a new harp for Christmas.

Honestly, the reason I made this thread is because I'm possibly getting a new harp for Christmas.

Oooh, sounds like somebody’s been good enough to not get lumps of coal in their stocking from Harmonica Santa! :o

Might I suggest you do some bargain hunting:


This way possibly instead of getting one big item and by spreading your wishes around, you may be able to get just a little bit more for you to use, learn from, and play with. :wink:

Oh and let your Santa Helper Elves know too! Am sure they’ll get the word up to Jolly Ole St. Edward er um Nicholas! hehehehee!!! :smiley:

Keep on jammin’!

I have a promaster in low f and one in Eb. They are both nice harps. The low one gets frequent use at jam night and the Eb occasional. They are a heavy instrument of very high quality and the weight is a little stunning at first. Not that they are too heavy to play or anything…just the way they feel in your hand screams quality to old-school “heavier is better” folks…lol.

They are like the harpmasters, in that they require good breath control not to choke the reeds, very tight tolerances.

This might be true for the Hohner harmonicas, but Suzuki uses Rosewood. It’s sturdy, it doesn’t smell and it can take moisture. Myself I am a wood-man, so I’m probably a little biased :stuck_out_tongue:

I have tried many models Hohner ( Marine band, Marine band deluxe, Pro harp, Golden melody, Silverstar, Special 20, Suzuki firebreath and Lee Oscar. Best of all is undoubtedly the Marine Band Deluxe. The good is and Suzuki firebreath but it is very hard for 3 hole whole band.

It’s horses for courses. For everyday play I like Suzuki Bluesmasters or Harpmasters. I also like Hohner Sp20s and Lee Oskars. It’s really a matter of personal choice as they are all good quality everyday harps.

Lee Oskars in alternate tunings ie Harmonic Minors, Natural Minors & Melody Makers are also firm favourites.

My best harps are in no particular order a Hohner Crossover in Ab and a Beta Suzuki Manji in G and a Beta Seydel 1847 in D.

I have a few Suzuki Folkmasters in Ab & G (I don’t like Folkmasters in high keys) which I use when I am not careful with what I eat & drink ie they cop a lot of abuse as I figure destroying them isn’t going to send me broke.

I particularly like the size of the Folkmaster & Crossover which is the same as Marine Band. I don’t much like the standard Marine Band because of its unsealed wooden body & nailed construction.

If money were not a consideration I would have a full set of Hohner Crossovers & Suzuki Manji’s set up by Ben Bouman.

Dear Harmonica Santa,
I would like to have a full set of Seydel 1847’s set up by Ben Bouman. I’ve been a really good boy this year. Haven’t made onyone that matters mad this year. Stayed home alot practicing, that’s all I want for Christmas this year. Thank you, Santa. ;D

PS, if you can’t get me a set, may I get a G and a LF? And an LEb, an LE, and anAb

I’ll send it up north to the Big Guy! ::slight_smile:

Never hurts to ask, eh, Ty-Man? :slight_smile:

Good luck! :wink:

SPD {a Santa’s little helper} On The Job!

Well if money was no object and could throw it around,

definitely would love to have a Golden Melody (stage III)

set up by Joe Spiers, But for 350.00 I would have to be a working

musician in order to warrant spending that much money.

Harp On!!

Joe, no problem. Lets break this down in to simple parts.

  1. You work

  2. You’re a harmonica musician

Therefore: you are a working musician.

Let me know if I may be of further assistance.


Very Nice I Get IT You Got Me… ;D

Harp On!!

Is there anything else you could tell me about wood-comb harmonicas? I want the firebreath now, but it’s a bit more expensive than the promaster. The fact that the promaster has an aluminum comb makes me want it less. I’ll make a thread about combs so you could put it there.

Thanks for the site SPD!

I think this:

is cheaper than this:

Wow Big difference in price. I like The looks of that Harp, I have a manji now that I like.

I might have to give that firebreath A try.

I think whiskat recommends them also.

Might be my next harp.

Harp on!!