Rate the song above you [Forum games]

All right, this might be new to some, but this was something I learned on a gaming forum some time ago. It’s called forum games, most of them involve rating or commenting the post above you. In this instance you’ll be rating the song above you (feel free to comment as well).

Here goes:

John Creach - Bumble Bee Blues

um Whiskat (formerly known as God)

i’m new at this…so kindly bear with me… :slight_smile:

but what exactly is the criteria and rating system you’re using here! :o

and how does the post stuff work again? ::slight_smile:

thanks! :wink:

Oh, I forgot to mention that!

We use 1/5

One way is stars like this:

To post a video from youtube simply copy the URL and then click on the icon above the smileys with a globe on it, then paste the video into that code.

[ url ] Link goes here [ /url ]


[ url = link goes here ] Description goes here [ / url ]

I had to add spaces so the code didn’t go into effect.

um okay…

makes great backtrack music, because i just accompanied the vid with my Bb Big River harp; although should’ve used something else but didn’t want to get up from my seat just yet. >>>am so freakin lazy today, yet been up since 6 AM! mwuahahahahaha!<<<

4 1/2 - 5 stars.

and why not let others vote on anything again?

just curious…

Love that tune needs more harp. I think not sure, that was a Sax playing where the harp could have been correct me if I’m wrong.

I give it * * * * *

3 out of 5 more harp for me would have got it 5 out of 5

Here’s my entry I found it ya: Keepin wit da blues ;D

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Hootin’ the Blues

Harp On!!

I think you guys are missing the point, if you don’t post another song when you rate, the game won’t go on. Rate, comment, post a new song for the next person to rate.

Edit: Never mind this, the video above didn’t show up when I was in here earlier.

OK, well here it goes. I rate the song above (Sonny Terry) a 3 out of 5. No disrespect, I am just not a real Sonny Terry fan. The hootin’ and a hollerin’ is uhmmm, interesting. Nostalgia-wise I can give it a 5 out of 5 8)

So here’s a vid for the next rating:

Charlie Musselwhite w/ Richard Bargel

GREAT game WhisKat

Thanks TicaToodle! What a pleasure…

DANG!!! I’d give this video 5 stars just by that sick 3 draw riff at the 4 minute and 51 second mark…

Howard Levy - Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

I just spent the past three minutes and fifty seconds in pure amazement!

Brown Eyed Women - Ukulele Grateful Dead

This is my favourite song, and this girl does it great justice!

Can I vote and submit more than once?

(If there was harmonica in that vid, I would have given it a 5) :smiley:

Beings how I am a (slow) blues fan, here is an excellent example from the Lee Sankey Group! Check out the high notes Lee hits and holds at about the 3:10 mark.

Lee Sankey slow blues harmonica solo

“G” Blues. Lee is using a C harmonica if anyone whats to use this a jam track.

Gosh Dang son of a gun that was over the top. I never heard anyone play a solo like that before…

For the most part I absoulutely loved the way he was using the clean mic with lots of super rich wah wah… he really took his time… I think the band was vamping on the one chord but I’d have to go back and check…

Then he rips into the harp mic through an amp for just about as quintasential of a harmonica tone as I’ve ever heard…

Wow… Loved the way he took his time and really seemed to become one with the soul of the music…

5 stars no question…

I’ve been really getting into Jason Racci’s playing lately… Man this guy can blow…


Jason Ricci Harmonica

Well,I don’t know anything about games but I quite enjoyed this vid. I much prefer the old blues to current and like acoustic to electronic which seems harsh.

JP - agreed… that Lee Sankey tune is quintessential in more ways that one! Awesome for sure!

As for Jason Ricci. An absolute amazing player. He pours his heart and soul into (or out of) the harmonica. I was amazed from the very first time I heard him play, and every time!

If anyone is interested, Jason has made a TON of live recordings available for free at archive.org

Lee stanky above awesome awesome ;D ;D

G" Blues. Lee is using a C harmonica if anyone whats to use this a jam track.

I did and it felt great put the headphones on and felt like I was on stage with him…

Thanks JP for the tip G blues. Would like to know how you figure that out just from
experience. It was pretty cool playing along with it.

I don’t play much blues but but I’m beginning to get it ::slight_smile:

Harp on!!

If anyone is interested, Jason has made a TON of live recordings available for free at archive.org

Thanks Tica! Great stuff!


I forgot to mention, all Jason recordings available at http://tinyurl.com/27d99z4 , you can listen by streaming from direct from the website and/or download them to your own computer. Available in flac, ogg or mp3 in 64 or 128bps audio quality formats.

Been awhile since we visited this topic. So I’m tossing in a double header! Hehehehe!

The first one - At about 3:25 or so, watch and listen closely as Billy really emphasizes:

“He’s talking to Davy whose still in the Navy and probably will be for life!”

Why? Well years ago, this line was considered controversial. Twas’ either by the military itself or some high uptight censorship assholes with money. So most pop radio stations across the country actually played an edited version of the song without this line in it.

Whether Billy had any control over it, well, many purists were upset over it; and slowly but surely the whole song in its entirety did find its way back onto the airwaves.

Of course, there are still some Aliens.Inc bot radio stations here and there that still play the edited version; the very same bot pop stations that play Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll” and think they’re friggin cool - NOT!

BTW: If the clip seems slow on your computer, you may want to change the settings from HD 720 down to the more moderate 480!

The second clip (with a little Aussie tie-in) speaks for itself; and long before MTV was ever born!


Billy Joel - Piano Man (1973) HQ

A classic! No need to even rate this one!

“This Train Is Bound For Glory” By Terry Mcmillan

I’m gonna rate it anyways cause I want to post another video.

Obviously 5 stars on that one ;D ;D

Here’s a fast moving song from Tony (insane) Eyers :wink:

Tony Eyers busking at the Tamworth Country Music Festival

Nice performance! :slight_smile:

Did notice nobody actually stopped by to drop anything in his box. :-[

Mate probably forgot to get his lousy poofy bloody Aussie/UK busking permit - And the chaps and lasses didn’t want to get into trouble by the patrolling Bobbys! :o

Yeah well…damned if he did, damned if he didn’t, eh?! Go figure!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Laters, yo!