Really diggin my Lee Oskar

Just thought I’d post about how much I’m enjoying my Lee Oskar. Using a Hohner Blues Harp and Blues Band (the Blues Band only for practice) and used a SP20 before I blew out the four reed.

It just seems to play better, easier to move up and down, crisper tone…

I like my Hohners, but just really enjoying the LO right now. ;D

Cat Mon,
I am glad you enjoy the LO. I could never get over the tuning which is perhaps what you like (crispness). Equal tempermant doesn’t sound like what my old “Blues Ears” are used to dealing with. I gave my LOs away to someone who now cherishes them. Win. Win. (I suppose in fairness I could have re-tuned them to my liking as they certainly didn’t play bad)
Super President

Hey…we all have to find the one harp that hits our spot! Glad you found yours, at least for now! lol


1 thing for sure, you can’t beat Lee Oskars for street playing. They are near bullet proof and loud enough to bounce sound waves off the nearby architecture. Delay, reverb and audience participation. Sometimes favorable.

Of course, I have not yet tried anything with stainless steel read plates so I might be mistaken.