Red Haired Boy (Little Beggerman)

This is my first of many attempts at this little tune. Let me know what ya’ll think.
For Joe, this is alittle differant version than what is on HA. I’m working on that one too.

The Little Beggerman

Ya, You sounded good man ;D

That’s 2 tunes ahead for me am not looking forward to that one.

I’m wondering if there’s any bends.

Did you know that tune before ummm was that a familiar tune for you.

Harp On!!

Nice video, Tyson! :slight_smile: I love this tune. It’s an Irish tune, right?

Here’s a video of Jean Jacques Milteau playing this tune on the lower end of the harmonica -

Red Hair Boy light


WOW :o :o

Now that tune has really got me intimidated.
That was awesome

Harp on!!

Yes, Ashish. It is an Irish tune. It is in the Key of A but I played it using D harp. It’s played in what is called Mixolydian mode. Note: I’m not quite sure what that is, so I’ll look it up later. Thank you for ya’lls remarks.

No Joe, I never heard of this tune until Harmonica Academy and Glenn Weiser’s book. Don’t let it intimidate you Joe! I’ve heard you play! Just do it!

Oh, and don’t forget…this is FUN!!

Ya fun it is no doubt about it but it’s consuming me at the same time.

I could easily play this instrument all day long I do kind of but seriously all day long.

What do they say everything in moderation or something like that.

Harp on!!

I hear ya,Joe! Let’s quit work and play harp!!! LOL!

Don’t think my wife and puppies would like that, they kinda like eatin’! ;D

Well done! This is the first penny whistle tune I learned.

Nice one, mate :wink: :wink:


I really liked your playing of this tune. What I really focused on was your rhythm. It was right on throughout the whole piece. Nice! Your note accuracy seemed to be excellent as well. I don’t know this tune, but to my ear, it seemed quite consistent and it all fit together. Very, very nice.

Yeppers, nice tune, well played to my hearing here.

Noticed too though - Nothing in your room has changed, save maybe your beard got a little longer. You stuck there, or what? Need us to send help?!

Keep on jammin’!

Yup i just want to know if he read all them books on the shelf behind him or are they for show.

And the music sheets on the stand whats up with that. I think your sandbagging us you a pro ;D

Is that a picture of Little E to the left of your door. Can the guy win a race, I miss Sr. :-[

Harp ON!!

First answer, I need to clean the office.

Second, yes, I have read all those books. Most of them are study aids.

Third, I tab out songs that I have sheet music to, it helps me to learn new tunes. Like, Little Berggerman.

Fourth, yes that is Little E and yes he can win a race. If you’ll look at his numbers through out his career, you will find that he has won more races than his father vdid at this age. Sr, didn’t really start doing anything until he was the age that JR is now. So, we will see.

Thanks to, Mikepipe, Hotrod, Edward and SPD for the kind words. Ashish, thanks for posting the video ofv guy with the A harp, I tryed it this morning, sounds kinda cool.