I’ve been playing harmonica – chromatic and diatonic for many years. I use Hohner Chromatic and Suzuki Promaster and Lee Oskar diatonics. I enjoy working on my own harmonicas – tune, gap, general repair – and have been doing this for many years. Over the years I have accumulated quite a few reed plates – it seems like I blow out the same reed in each key. Therefore, when I have to replace a reed place it is usually the same on for each key. I only replace the reed plate with the bad reed. As a result I have quite a few brand new single (either blow or draw) reed plates for several keys. Any idea for using these? Could I sell the single, new, absolutely perfect reed place to those who blow out a different reed than I do? Any advice would be helpful.

You can always give it a try. eBay is always an option. I doubt you would get very much for them. You would probably have better luck in a forum with more advanced players like