I went to add a picture to my old account (Sprinkhaan) and something went wrong and I lost the account. I re -registered under (Grasshopper), which is the same word as Sprinkhaan, which is Dutch.John

I can’t seem to upload my picture, will somebody tell me how it is done?John

In the listings above, you will see: HOME, HELP, SEARCH, PROFILE, MY MESSAGES, MEMBERS, LOGOUT.
Click on PROFILE. In the left hand column you will see under MODIFY PROFILE (Forum Profile Information), Click: Forum Profile Information.
If you have a photo in your computer, select: I WILL UPLOAD MY OWN PICTURE and then click Browse, and go to where photo is in computer and click on photo.

Thanks, I finally managed it. John

I dig the fish!


Thanks B.T. the fish is a bowfin which is considered a coarse fish, not very good eating so I released it. It was about 4 pounds.John

Yeah…but it musta been fun to catch! I happen to be a fisherman myself, though I must say that a steady job has ruined many a good fisherman!


You got it B.T. It was a very good fighter. I thought I had on a large pike.John