I have about 300 tunes on my list that I can ‘sort of’ play. I play by ear and rarely resort to using tabs. Keeping on top of this number of tunes is close to impossible as I would need to practice night & day. It’s handy though to be able to play just about anything especially in eg a campfire singalong situation where accuracy doesn’t really matter.

But, I’m sort of settling in on a core repertoire of tunes that I regularly practice. The core represents ca 30 tunes all of which I can play reasonably well. Some are simple but great melodies and a few are showpiece difficult tunes. I’m not sure that the average listener would know what is easy or hard to play.

Would be interested to know what others believe to be a reasonable repertoire?

You know Dave,

Every time I think about my Repertoire my list is probably around 20 that I know fairly well.

Do you ever have this problem…

I’ll be some where and I can’t think of a tune I want to play (maybe it’s my memory).

But it’s not that I can’t play it its I can’t remember a tune, Oh yea I can always remember
blowing in the wind and lately Whiskey before Breakfast. Now I’m not talking about how to
play just remembering a tune to play. Weird!

Then the next challenge for me say if I remember one that I know is finding that 1st note.

If I get that far I usually am ok and can play it.

Oh and back to your question:

Would be interested to know what others believe to be a reasonable repertoire?

Ya I would be interested to here everyone’s response everyone will be different according to there level I guess.

for me right now 15 or 20 would work. And then add to that slowly.

Harp on!!

Good topic and question here, Dave!

I look at all the songs, tunes, etc. etc. and say to myself: How in the hell am I ever going to learn all of these? And memorize them so I can pull them up at will?!

Seems like an almost impossible fete doesn’t it?

I take breaks from my bike riding outside a bar on the steps. I’m jamming along and somebody either coming or going asks: “Hey man, play me some Bob Dylan; Billy Joel; whomever!”

I’m only good with Blowing in The Wind and some Piano Man riffs.

Sure, I answered them only in what I could do. It’s daunting because I want to play better, play more songs in my repertoire, at will! But hey, that’s my trip and I’ll get there when I get there!

But also, I found the following by Randy Singer who gives it to everyone as his gift. I turn to it for inspiration to keep me going. Maybe ya’ll find some inspiration in it yourself! Ciao, babe!

Keeping the repertoire interesting and updated ie new variations of known tunes & playing them in different positions te eg give a bluesy sound. Playing around with the different versus to change a few notes here and there in order to make the tune longer & less repetitive.

When I say I have 30 or so tunes that I have as a core repertoire on having a look its actually closer to 50. All these I can play confidently enough in less formal situations ie groups of friends, barbeque, campfire, busking etc. I practice daily some but others might get played only once a week. Some tunes come out closer to the festive season ie Christmas Carols. Were I to have to give a more formal presentation eg for a concert or competition there would only be a couple of tunes or a small medley that I would play & I would have practiced solely on these tunes for at least 1/2 hour a day in the month leading up to the show…

I’m just beginning my repertoire so I’m looking for some good standards. I can jam right along with almost any jamtrack, but I want to get some great stuff under my belt.

Suggestions are welcome. I play a lot of blues, but work on jazz, country/bluegrass and some celtic.

Great topic btw.

Wow! Yet another opportunity to promote Mlle. Christelle! Will wonders never cease!!

Try her selections out Ragvoice! With 175 and counting, am sure you’ll find something of hers to play along with!

Keep us posted!

Keep on harpin’!

welcome harmonica

Wow. Cristelle can play.

Great topic David. Yeah a repertoire is a fantastic thing to develop.

I find for myself if I don’t stay active with periodically practicing I forget…


This is my core repertoire incl most played and practiced:-

Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring Air on a G String
Humoresque Ode To Joy
Traumerie (Reverie/Dreaming) A Love Idea
Hallelujah What a Wonderful World
Georgia on My Mind Summertime
St Louis Blues St James Infirmary
Ghost Riders in the Sky Hard Times
Wayfaring Stranger Wildwood Flower
Imagine Yesterday
Bridge Over Troubled Water Over The Rainbow
Shenandoah Vagabond Lover
Danny Boy Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms
The Parting Glass Waltzing Matilda
I Still Call Australia Home I Am, You Are, We Are Australian
Wild Colonial Boy Amazing Grace
How Great Thou Art Silent Night
O Holy Night Planxty Irwin
Turkey in the Straw Whiskey Before Breakfast
Big Sciota George Brabazons 2nd Air
Red Wing Jolly Beggarman
Soldiers Joy Flop Eared Mule
Farewell To Whiskey Whiskey in the Jar
Wild Mountain Thyme Black Velvet Band

The most challenging for me are the Irish fiddle tunes & bluegrass.

A lot of the above tunes can be accessed via BoxNet shared:-

Wow David!

Did you have to sit and think about this list, or do you already have them pre-printed on your business cards?!

Sorry about that…was listening to your Shenandoah and Over The Rainbow clips.

Very Nice! :slight_smile:

Wow. Cristelle can play.

In your own word JP - YES!

If this forum ever gets up for an official unofficial mascot/inspirational player for the ladies: She gets my vote hands down!! :smiley:

That girl shure can play a mean harp :wink:

With regards to remberin’ tunes and stuff, maybe if’n you do that memorise thing whereby you make up some story and include the tune titles in the story, like,

O susanna went to the strawberry fields etc etc

sumthin’ along those lines…

I ferget i got a memory sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Cristelle can play.

hey jp…hey man…

hey hey hey man…

didja, didja notice that in the close-ups of our girl christelle that she uses the deep relaxed embouchure…the very same DRE you use and talk about in your lessons?

and didja didja notice she looks a bit like you too…with them dark handsome features and all…didja didja notice that jp?

so hey hey man…let’s recap here shall we?

in one thread we found your long lost dad…

in another thread we found your long lost sister…

now hey man hey man if we can only found out about them damn roosters on the background of your vids and dvds, we’d be in really good shape, eh?!

hey man hey jp…have fun…smiles…and keep on harpin’ okay?!