Review: Hohner Blue Midnight

Just got a couple of the Blue Midnight harmonicas yesterday to try them out. Pretty cool harp and a bit lower in cost than a Special 20, so they might be a good option for the budget minded. The sound file is a comparison with an old Marine Band, a Special 20 and the Blue Midnight. All recorded straight into GarageBand with a Berringer C1U USB mic. Try to overlook the sloppy playing. LOL

Thanks Mick!
The BM didn’t sound as if it bends as well as the others.
Was that just the way you chose to play it, or does it
not bend as easily?
What part of the world are you from again? We talk a lot alike.


Hey Bob,

I think the BM (harp not bowel movement) will bend pretty good as it gets played in some. It just has a minute or so of total playing time on it so it’s still pretty stiff.

I’m in Northeast Tennessee, just outside of Bristol. You probably heard the grits flying out of my mouth when I talked. LOL


I’m two beans south of you in SC near where the Orange Bowl champs camp.
Pretty cold there?
What software are you using for recording?

For the demo and my solo stuff I’m running straight into GarageBand on my iPad with the Berhinger mic. I just use the mains out from my mixer straight into a Tascam DP-004 to record the Goat Whiskey stuff. Here are links to my Reverbnation pages.