Rock-and-Roll Harmonica

Hi All Harmonica Players

I wrote this tune for guitar and harmonica, see link below:

What do you think of it? It is not just a 3 cord tune.

I can play guitar reasonably well as I have been practising it for 50 years. I am however a beginner when it comes to harmonica. This was recorded on 24-hole Chinese harmonica. I wonder if you could record the harmonica part to the tune in a more professional way (no matter what and how you play it). I could send you MP3 of the guitar only (without the harmonica) for this purpose.

What do you say?

Kind Regards

Evzen (Eugene) Burda

Should you have any questions or concerns, please send email to:

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It’s a nice, catchy tune! Your harp and guitar are in synch, that’s often hard to do. You can be very proud of this creation!

I am glad you like it. I have another tune, which has a bit of harp in it towards the end:

The tune is in E but I used G harmonica. The same 24 hole Chinese harmonica as for the Rock and Roll. I am sure somebody could do it better to mimic train.

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Another good creation! Your harp was fine. Good sound and a solid song! It’s a question for the ages, I suppose. Why do some songs/artists make it big, when others, just as talented, don’t? As we know, music is for personal enjoyment and expression, if we’re trying to produce it ourselves. But, we still usually want to know, “could we have made it big?” In the right circumstances(whatever those might be), the answer might be yes, maybe not. We’ll never know. But , if we love music, as you obviously do, we continue on with our love affair with this great gift from “on High!”

I have just uploaded Bondi Train on YouTube, Check it out: