Ron in Sedalia, Mo

Hi folks. I’ve been in music, playing guitar, mandolin, bass, trumpet, drums, percussion and singing for years. Sometimes for money, sometimes for fun. In March 2009 I joined a Christian blues and classic rock style band as vocalist and percussionist, having just left a different band that went metal. when the band leader heard i was “fooling around with harmonica a little” he mistook that for “i play harmonica too.” I decided to go for it and had less than 3 months before my first blues festival playing harp. It was a trial by fire and i wasn’t nearly ready…but made it through, even getting some accolades from some respected musicians in my area. Of course, by that time i was hooked and really wanted to explore the instrument outside the blues. I continue to do that. I play folk, rock, blues, gospel, whatever pops up at jam night…ever hear a harp solo on “purple rain?” It is possible and it sounds pretty nice, so i’m told…lol. anyway, here i am.

I have some pretty extensive sound reinforcement experience as well as recording experience and like to discuss mixing, effects, PA gear, mics, whatever. Most of what i seem to do with that experience on the internet is try and debunk incorrect information, it seems. There are many myths and some outright lies, as in every world-wide web topic you might google. gear is quite a topic and opinions will always vary…but they are opinions and certain principles will always stick.

That’s enough of me …i’ll see you guys around the forum…JP rocks!

Most of what i seem to do with that experience on the internet is try and debunk incorrect information

Yeppers, I hear ya, Conga Ron in Sedalia, Mo!

We all pitch in around here for that reason too!

As de facto Moderator <<<ooh latin! see that MP?! hehehe!>>> always have to be on the lookout though for those who think this is the place for Stoopid Yahoo Answers!

Assuredly it’s not!

But still:

Always Have fun!

Appreciate your input, comments, reviews, anything and everything harmonica (except stoopid yahoo answers! mwuahahahaha!)


Keep On Harpin’!

Hi Ya ron,

Good to make your aquaintance, Look forward to hearing all you got to share with your experience.

Harp on!!

SEDALIA! Home of Scott Joplin! Can you rock that harp to a little ragtime?

I messed around with the first part of “the entertainer” to learn overblows , but other than that ragtime isn’t my bag…lol.

Way to go Ron!
I appreciate your moment of boldness…

great to have you with us along with your growing interest in the harmonica and your knowledge of other musical instruments, mixing and techniques. Keep it up!

Your harmonica buddy,