Rules & Regs For The Forum – Do We Really Need Any?

Yeah, okay – I’m from the Craig Ferguson “I can’t live by your rules, man!” school of thought!

Hey, dudes and dudettes, it’s said all in good fun. Yet really, even in this advanced internet day and age, some still can’t/don’t/won’t practice even the simplest of forum etiquettes.

Obviously, if one’s really the type who can’t/don’t/won’t practice these things – well, it doesn’t take them long before they’re booted off and/or blocked entirely from the forum stage. {Yeah, we probably all know of a forum or two where that absolutely very rarely ever happens. So be it, that’s life! Anyways…}

Regardless of whether it’s your first, fifth, or thousandth forum, once you’ve scoped this out and it interests you – You might be curious enough to click on those Hello & Welcome posts, along with their Rules & Regs/Posting Guidelines. I always do. And so here too, you’ll find no exceptions in that regard.

Oh and in the light of full disclosure, I did take some of the best posting pointers from around cyberspace. So if you’ve clicked on to this topic and some of it seems familiar – Ah well, simply take it all in with a grain of salt and a smile as you breeze through these suggestions.

In no particular order, to wit:

  1. Keep your responses lean. Meaning, no need here to post a reply by copying or quoting another’s entire message. Just use the needed or necessary portion of the message or thread that applies directly to your response.

1A) While longer answers/posts are encouraged and may call for deeper explanation(s) – Please don’t “Cut & Paste” anyone’s messages, then go on to dissect and/or autopsy the damn thing searching for every little meaning and/or nuances in them. Yeah, some places do that; it’s annoying as hell; and people still join up to get reamed out because they’re gluttons for punishment. Oh well, so be it. Not here though, hopefully.

So bottom line, while you SHOULD include enough of the previous message so that people will know what you are talking about, and help people understand the context of your reply: Please avoid the “lazy quoting” habit so that we may all follow threads more easily.

  1. Doing the “Bottom Quoting” thing. Not so much in the States, but in some foreign forums, it’s seen where the topic that’s being replied to and commented on, the quote appears on the bottom of the post.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s how you do things. More power to you, and we’ll all get through it if you do. However, it helps you and us by offering this suggestion here.

  1. Familiarize yourself with this forum’s keys/commands. There are literally tens of hundreds of different forum structures on the internet today. And if this one is new to you, like it is for me, then please take your time in using and developing your posting skills on it.

If you’re like me, you like to write your thoughts offline, then cut & paste them into your post. Thing is, I noticed that while the program allows you to ‘preview’ your post, you may actually have to sit and play with it to get it to look just right.

Have some patience with yourself in learning all of this. The good thing is too, you can go back and edit, and re-edit until it looks just right. Which brings us to:

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Use Spell Check!

No, really, please use this function if need be.

Don’t worry, nobody’s going to be checking in on your grammar and/or use of the English language or lack thereof. But really, this isn’t texting or tweeting. So using ‘you’ for U and for ‘to’ or ‘too’ instead of 2 really helps.

Write to your heart’s content on anything and everything harmonica – Who knows, you may just be coming off a Scotch & Soda or 12-pack bender; and you get the most inspired thoughts about harmonica ever! You got to post it, then leave it as you sign off. In the meantime, everyone is left reading: “ #$(!#(!)#() Ha ha ha, don’t you get it! Wow! #@O)(0u812 Cool!!”

Yeah, no doubt, it’ll definitely be one of those: “Huh?! WTF is going on?!” type moments!

So, please just do the best you can with all the forum function keys, and you’ll actually be happy you did! Guaranteed! Which finally brings us to:

  1. Common Courtesies & Common Language

Am most sure we’re all able to extend common courtesies to our fellow harpsters and harpsterettes, so no need to elaborate on any of it here. As far as language goes, well, I’ve never been one for censorship of virtually any kind. Plus, we’re all adults here and/or should carry ourselves as such. Yet too, I’ve never liked those uptight and/or tight-butt places where you write such words as “association” or “assembly” or something like that; and when you go to post, you end up reading: ***ociation or ***embly or worse. WTF?! Gimme a break!!

So DO write they way you feel; and DO write the way you want to express yourself and all that jazz!

A ‘What The Frig?’ ‘What The Freak?’ Or even a ‘What The you know what?’ isn’t going to get you busted! But if you’re using more of the F’n you know whatsis, and F-bombs and all that shtuff…Well, don’t take it personally if you’re asked to dial it back altogether.

Bottom line here, folks, in these posting suggestions is:

Have Fun!

Feel free anytime, anywhere to share your thoughts, ideas and comments from out and about the harmonica universe with us! So as always –

Keep on smiling!

Keep on harpin’!

Thanks for reading!


Well, this is the first time I’m responding to myself to:

A) See if and how well it works;

B) Because I really had something additional to post here.

When it comes to posting, if you’d like to place a link about that particular topic/section of that particular topic/section of which you’re responding to, commenting on etc etc – that’s all well and good too!

{Seeing if this creates any warp loop in the Space/Time Continuum ala STNG! :-X}

Now it probably won’t matter now when the forum is small and growing; but in those forums that have been around for quite awhile – if the subject material was older and/or sizable, the link to it always takes the reader to more links, and so on and so on. Know what I mean? That’s always fun, eh?

So hopefully this will grow in size and membership where we can use it here as well!

Thanks for reading!

Does it also help you when people ask questions or make requests at the beginning of the email and put it in bold?

This is a posting for everyone. I enjoyed your article Joe, and I want to add a suggestion.

For me it is very helpful when people make very specific requests at the beginning of a written passage.

What most people do is build their case first and then make a request at the bottom.

I find it much easier when I know at the beginning of an article what people would like back from me and reiterate their request at the end of their article.

Do you think this way of organizing a written passage is useful and creates clarity?

If yes, would you be willing to give it a try and see if you like writing in this way?


You might want to think about mentioning ‘me too’ posts.

I really like the xyz harp through the abc mic.

next post:

Me to

Much better:

Me too because I find it gives really good fat mids and its easy to get a great tone sound when I play it through the whiz bang 6000 amp.

Always good to ask yourself ‘is this really adding to the conversation?’ before posting.