Rythm thing

I just wanted to share this, and maybe hear what you guys think? It’s very simple, and the rythm gets a little repetetive, but I think I was able to get a pretty cool two-note melody on top of the rythm.

Chunky-Chucka.mp3 - 0.77MB

What I’m doing here is chugging on the lowest chords with my hands cupped very close so that the air is filtered through the top holes, allowing for a simple two-note melody to be played at the same time as I’m chugging.

I like rythym things, God! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! :wink:

Keep On Harpin’! :slight_smile:

I love playing rythm, I actually love it so much that it made me quit the harp once. I had just gotten a harp for christmas, and I was living with a friend in a trailer. We spent most of the time just hanging around in the trailer, and I was constantly chugging on the harmonica! I had no idea at all about what I was doing, I probably couldn’t have told you the difference between melody and harmony even if I had time to prepare. After about a week my friend was complaining so much that I just had to give it up. Wasn’t before over a year later that I picked it up again and started learning (I was living alone at that time).

Edit: I just remembered, it was actually JP Allan that got me into playing rythm things again. When I picked up the harmonica again I was only playing melodies, but one day I stumbled over his ticka-tucka videos. I’m very grateful for that!