Sad Hours, work in progress

this is my first approach of Sad Hours, from Little Walter
I slowed it a little, a tuned it for my A harp.

I’d like to have you advices and opinions, knowing that I’ll work on it in 3 times:
1/ this try
2/ on normal speed, still with the record in background
3/ normal speed or faster, on a shuffle Jam track

Sad Hours, slow version, A harp, work in progress


Its good man keep with it for sure!!

Very good!

Where did you get the backing track.

Can you share it.

I’d like to give it a shot.

Harp On!!

thank you guys.
Joe, and I uploaded the backing track here :

Little Walter - Sad Hours (slow work version, for A harmonica)


second part of my work on “Sad Hours”

Sad Hours, slow version, A harp, work in progress part 2

Little Walter is smiling in his grave for sure with that cover ;D ;D

Nice Job.

Harp On!!

Dude… AWESOME JOB! Quite an improvement! That’s ready for the stage!!! I really liked the sound at 2:20. It had that gritty blues sound coming thru real nice I thought.

Dang bro!

Totally epic job!

Keep it up!


Sounds awesome!!

Second part - awesome! How long have you been playing and how long have you worked on this song?

very good ,where did you get the notes or it is just impro?how can you determine which key is the song- is there a way? a good day

Well done Harpix

Excellent! Great job.