Same blow/draw note on hole 7

I have a Seydel Blues Session in low D that I’ve been using to learn some Irish tunes for my band (to fill in for an ailing accordion player).
I got this harp a month or so, brand new and have been enjoying it a lot. I played harmonica in the past, so it’s coming back quickly.
Last week though, it went South on me. I picked up the instrument one day and found out that tunes I know quite well didn’t work. Problem is, hole 7 plays the same note on blow and draw! The draw note is correct, blow is wrong. I took the harp apart and there is no crud in any of the reeds, and they all vibrate freely. If I blow hole 7 with the covers off and gently occlude the blow reed with a finger, it stops sounding. Ditto for the draw, so I am confident that I’ve isolated the appropriate reeds and they are indeed playing the same tone.
Again, this happened literally overnight. No trauma to the instrument, etc.
Any ideas how it could have happened and how to fix it? I have an email in to the US Seydel rep about it, btw.

I am looking forward to seeing the answer to this. i have a number of harps that I have that have suffered this fate over the years. I hate the fact that every time it happens I am off to buy a new harp at $35 a pop.

I wrote to the US rep for Seydel. He said it is most likely a fractured reed, which can happen at any time. He said that he’d had harmonicas in which this happened within two minutes. He then went on to say that this is not covered by warranty! If that’s not covered, what the heck ARE they covering? ::slight_smile:
He did say he’d try to help me, and told me to ship the harmonica to him, so we’ll see.