Saw Florida Georgia Line

I saw these guys at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis last night. They put on a great show. Thought I would share a link to one of their songs in case you guys have never heard of them. Just a warning, there are a few curse words in the song so if the kiddos are around you may want to listen later. The photo slide show is a little cheesy, but this was the only one I could find on youtube.

If you’re anything like me you’ll like this song.
You’re Country - Florida Georgia Line

Nice Tune Greg,

Seems to me they could have fit a harp in that song.

Oh well still good.

harp On!!

My wife was embarrassed because I was still a little intoxicated when I got home and I posted on their facebook page that they did a good job with their cover of Mary Jane’s last dance, but they needed to put the harp back in it. I also volunteered to sit in any time they were near me if they would only let me know what key they were going to play it in ;D

She told me drunk facebooking was the new drunk dialing, so I guess I’ll stay away from the PC when I’ve been drinking, which is about once every 3 years of so. I wonder what facebook will be like 3 years from now.

This is the song that did me in. When they sing tip it back you tip it back. It’s a pretty simple game.
Florida Georgia Line - Tip It Back

I tell everyone I can about these guys because they are really good and I hope they go far. I like that the internet has helped music be driven more by the people who listen to it rather than the industry executives.