Saying Hi

Playing the Harmonica is on my bucket list. My wife is putting up with it fairly well.
I have been married for 34 years, as anyone can tell by the death in my eyes and my lack of will to live (:smiley: Just kidding). I do a lot of wilderness hiking and I have been trying to play my tunes to the moon, My dogs don’t mind, a little whine now and then, however I try to stay away from the high notes. Take care everyone.

A little wine now and then? Is that for the dogs or the wife to help
put up with the harping?
OOOOH, you said WHINE…still…the dogs or the wife? LOL
Howdy and a big welcome RJB!
I’m sure you will get plenty of appreciation from the wife and the dogs as your
playing progresses. My wife always asserts that I am my own worst critic.
I’ll wager the same goes for you.
Just ask anything you need or put in any jewels you have learned. We’re all
here to help each other.
Again, welcome!