Scales. How to use them?

Hi everyone!
Soo, I’ve been playing, and learning the scales on harmonica for a few months now and my question is, how do I play these scales to jam with my friend on guitar?
I know this question might seem silly, or probably even dumb to most, but I just don’t get how I take a scale and turn it into a crazy lick, or combine them. If anyone can offer any youtube videos, or some reading material I would be extremely thankful :slight_smile:

You say “scales”, can you play more than one scale on your harp now? I mean 1st position is playing do,ra,me scale using holes 4,5,6,7. Second Position is playing do,ra,me scale using holes 1,2,3,4. Have you learned 1st and 2nd position in just a few months? You have to know how to bend to play 2nd position. Have you learned any tunes yet? Blowing in the Wind, Mary had a Little Lamb, etc.
I’m just trying to get a handle on how to answer your question!

Using scales as a way to recognizing intervals is one way of putting scales to practical use. The blues scale ascending and descending will open your ears to a myriad of possibilities to build licks and riffs off of. The flatted third blue note in hole 3 is the single most important note in that range and sounds very bluesy when bent a quarter step (bending a 1/2 step gives you the minor). Practice these scales, and see if you don’t agree.
Listen to Howlin’ Wolf doin’ “Spoonful” and how he uses the blues scale ascending and descending for some inspiration. Building from what you know is much easier when you actually know. KEEP PLAYING HARMONICA
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