Scored a New Amp

Well, after about 2 months of stalking Craiagslist in a 400 mile radius, I think I may have found something pretty sweet. First, a little about the search. I was looking for something small enough and sturdy enough to transport on my motorcycle with enough volume to be heard in a 200 person bar. And, all tube. I have to try some tubes.

I had it in my mind that I was looking for a Peavey Delta Blues 115. They are all hovering around $400 and that was a little more than I wanted to invest in something I plan to carry around on a motorcycle. I looked at and played one, 30 watts was loud enough and I really wanted that tremelo but I was dismayed to find it only had the high gain input. Feedback was going to be a problem.

I went to Guitar Center and had a good time plugging into the Blues Junior (only 15 watts) and a Hot Rod Deville and a Classic 50. All had potential, but a 410 is a little big for a motorcycle and they were in the $650 range.

What I found is a Peavey Triumph PAG 60. $175. I think it is from the mid '90’s. Originally (I think), 2 6L6’s, now 5881’s. 4 12AX7’s which are now SovTeks so maybe there has been a change there. The PAG in the name stands for Parallel Axis Geometry, which means the pre-amp tubes are in sideways in a metal box instead of hanging down. Almost as if they intended it to be hauled around on a motorcycle. The speaker has been changed and is now a Celestion G12 Vintage 30. I am pretty sure this is an improvement over the original Scorpion because I have 2 Scorpions in my Heritage and this amp has a much sweeter tone on the clean channel. I don’t think volume suffered any. All the Peaveys I played seemed to have a “Peavey” sound, but since that is what I have played for the last 20 years, that may be my sound. I kinda like it, but still wonder what I might sound like through a Fender. I would have to buy one to spend enough time with it to find out.

I did not get the tremelo I wanted but it does have a spring reverb and it must be working because a bass player told me I was using too much of it. I took it out to a bar the second night I had it and there were a few feedback issues, but part of that was P.A. level. Of course, I had to politely listen to all the experts tell me I needed to get a Green Bullet(got 1, I was using an SM57). I did get a “hey that sounds gooood” from a guitar player who’s opinion I value. It sounds real good.

Anyway, I am opening up the discussion for any tube tune-up suggestions and I am still looking for that tremelo. Can anybody suggest a good multi-purpose tremelo, chorus, delay, noise gate all-in-one pedal?

Ooops! I’ve done it again. I found the little amp I was looking for. $125 Peavey Bravo 112. 25 watts of tube. Spring reverb. It does not sound quite as good as the Triumph, but it is more portable and I don’t feel quite so wreckless dragging it around to bars. I think a little tube swapping and a new speaker will work wonders.