Seydel deluxe chromatic -Q-

Hello folks, signed up some time ago but stopped passing by as I was not truly serious about playing (can’t get enough play time now).

Currently playing a Zuzuki tremolo SU 21, this is my first and only for the moment.

On to the question, I’m looking hard at the Seydel deluxe chromatic, I’ve always wanted one of these harps but they are too expensive for me, this one has a very reasonable price.
I have been looking at reviews (the few there are) and vids and I really like what I see, but I need to know, how does the harmonica hold up over time?

I don’t have a lot of money to spend and I need to be sure the harp won’t be having problems often. How long have you folks had yours and how many repairs have you made.

I will have more questions which I will add here later ^^, good day all.

How long it holds up depends a lot more on how hard the player is blowing it. I’ve got one from 2006 and still play it. But I don’t play hard. If I did blow one out, I’d just pop another reed in it.

Thank you, how hard is it to replace a reed by the way?

Aside from the Seydel I was also interested in the LO Harmonic minor harps which I’m now leaning more towards, better to leave the chromatic until I can afford a better model.

Thank you again pal.

Don’t let the price fool you. It’s underpriced. It’s better than a Hohner 270. Back in 1990s, it was $99. 10 years later, it was still $99 and they finally raised the price some. I did some figuring once - and it took a great deal of math - to figure out what the price should be, going on $99 price in the 1990s. I had to calculate back and forth with exchange rates of three currencies, the German mark of that day, the dollar and the Euro of today, plus inflation (the exchange rates were a bigger factory)… to keep up with that $99 price, for Seydel to get the same money for it, they’d have to charge around $250. If you get it with the thick round-hole Saxony mouthpiece - which is $200, I think - I would put it against any chromatic under $300.

I was actually looking at the Eezyreeder model before, I believe it was in D with a price of 180, really loved the look of the round holes.

I’ve only seen round hole mouth piece from him so far.

I’m still undecided so i’d love a link if you know of any other places I should visit.

Aha! Saw the saxony, 374 dollars (a bit high for me now), I will keep looking around though.
If I do decide to purchase the chromatic I can still buy the Eezyreeder mod.

Here’s a couple of clips of me playing one:
Seydel Chromatic Deluxe Elk River Boogie
Cecil Payne Boogie / The Deadliners (Roger Adkins and Dave Payne [Richter chromatic harmonica])

Great vids, and I really like the 2nd tune, Elk River Boogie :smiley:
I will probably buy the deluxe in the end, aside from your great vids i’ve heard nothing but good comments.

And I’d love to try playing some classical pieces as well in the future.

Btw, what are some good keys besides C if I wanted to play a mix of classical and Jazz?

You can do it all on a C, but I would say an F or Bb.

Appreciate your help buddy, thank you very much.

Keep in mind if you’re buying a Seydel, you’ll want a low F. the regular F chromatic is really high. I’m not even sure they still make it. They name their chromatics the same as diatonics.

Will do ^^
That’s tenor I believe? Forgive my ignorance, new to music I’m still confused.