seydel session steel harps

I purchased one of these harps in May. As I play it more and more I am finding it is becoming a favorite. My question: Is there any information about how much longer the stainless steel reeds last over say the reeds in a Marine Band?

If they last longer and I can buy the replacement reeds for less than a new Session Steel, it might be the way to go. Any thoughts?


I am curious about volume/projection and action? I don’t really think that curiosity will be put to rest until I fork over the $60 and try one.

How much longer will it last? I think you might be our test pilot.

I have two Session Steel Seydels, both relatively new so hard to say…I am also not a crazy hard blower, BUT I do on occasion play un-amplified with a bunch of people, in which case there is no choice but to blow harder to get some volume. So of course you may have to wait a year or more for me to say whether they are holding up well.

I will say that the C has pretty comparable volume/projection to a Special 20.
The action, that’s a tough question because I got the C harp set up for overblows/draws by Greg at 16:29 so it was not “out of the box” like my Sp20s. The other Session Steel I have is a Low C so that just plays different since the reeds are bigger. I do think it plays well and once I played with the low reeds a bit I get all the bottom bends. Fun thing about low harps is the blow bends up high are really easy and sound sweet.

I am a rather new harp player. I have learned to “pucker” and can play any song that I am familiar with the tune. At this stage, I am attempting to learn how to “tong block” and I found it to be very difficult for me. I have several different harps, and I believe the Session Steel is the best harp for me to tong block. Actually, I do pretty good with the Session steel, and for that reason it has become my favorite. I also have a Suzuki F-20 Fabulous harp, and I find it my second best harp to “tong block”.

Dude! You have a Suzuki Fabulous? How nice is that? I like the Promaster and i guess that is a really nice version of that?

I’m guessing that you have played music your whole life like me if you are playing songs that you know easily in a relatively short period of time. I’m at about that stage myself, really loving it after about 6 months.

So nice to hear your reply. Yes, I have been a church organist for over twenty years. and in 1946 I was a member of the Cincinnati Symphony while I was a student at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. I started taking piano lessons while I was in a freshman in high school, and have continued my interest in piano these many years. I have played piano in various places, and my interest in music continues in my retirement years. (Sorry I spelled tongue incorrectly in my origional email). Thanks again for your comments. John Edward Akers

I have used the Session Steel for quite a while and it works pretty well and lasts long. I prefer its sound to the SP20 and Marine Band