Shaker Madcat Mic and Micro Cube amp together?

Just a beginning harmonica player. First I want to record myself thru my computer and looking for a simple but good mic. The Madcat Shaker seems to be highly recommended. My question is will this mike work with Roland Micro Cube amp well.
I am not going to buy the amp for a while but want to make sure I build properly for future purchases.
In other words is the Madcat Mic and Roland Micro Cube amp a good fit?

Also any other recommendations for a good entry level mic and amp?
Cowboy Rog

i didnt like the micro cube. i ended up with a pignosehog 20. for solid state id say it has the best raunchy blues sound for harmonica. as for mics look on ebay harmonica microphone and price and shipping lowest first.

I’m using exactly what you described roland cube and madcat…use it every day love it…great for practice…


Thanks for this post! I have been looking at the CUBE but knew nothing about it.