Sharp draw note on S/20

Hello fellow bloggers please can some one help I have this prob like a really sharp draw note on my S/20 hole six I think. Is there any way I can remedy this annoying glitch. Would it be appropriate to open it up and do surgery like sort of open that particular reed six a smidgen. Would be grateful for some feed back please many thanks…peace happy harpin :-\

Methinks you answered your own question there, PJD!

If you have a Lee Oskar tool kit handy, going in with a small file and ‘flattening’ the reed slightly may just be the trick.

I worked on my Golden Melody C a couple of weeks ago; some really fine tuning on the reeds for the very first time ever. And at first, I didn’t think I did everything properly.

After letting it settle as Richard Sleigh recommends, now, seems to be working and playing on just fine!

So try it yourself and keep us posted!


Keep On Harpin’!

OK SPD thanks very much, when you said that Richard Sleigh advises letting it settle does that mean not playing it for a while and if so how long please? cheers…H/harpin

Good question, PJD!

Although I had written about this subject here:!/

While I did mention it was a couple of hours later when, only after giving the reeds time to rest, the harmonica I was working on played fine then -

I also noticed I had never really addressed Time as in how long you should let the reeds rest when working on them elsewhere.

Well, it was one of my earliest posts - But too, this is what I found since:

If you’re not in a big hurry to use that harmonica, and it’s only one reed in particular, do give it rest for at least an hour or two, maybe more. And still, that’s all a judgment call on your part.

However, when I did work on my GM C, having worked on several blow and draw reeds throughout on changing pitches and fine tunings - I did finally let it rest for over a 24-hour period.

I went back and checked it out again. Some reeds actually became stuck; and had to be regapped. Then I let it set again for awhile longer. Maybe half a day.

Now after all is said and done, I’m comfortable with it.

And too, this is also why it actually takes so long to make customized harps.

Thery’re not just sitting around on the shelf waiting for somebody to buy them. They must be worked on at the time they’re being customized; allowed to sit and rest; and worked on again; until such time as the customizer feels comfortable and confident in releasing it to you.

That’s why it took several weeks to get my Turbo Harps. And yes, I’m still putting them through their paces, so don’t ask, eh? I’ll be posting on them when I’m able to. Hehehe!!

But also, I hope this answers your question about time, PJD; and let us know how it works out for you too!


Keep On Harpin’!

SPD On The Job!

Thank you for the maintenance link save it to favs. Just one thing before I shut my eyes I just did not realize how much there is involved in being a harpist. So many things to learn besides learning how to play, it can be very time consuming. That is if you are serious about it , which I am. Once again thanks for your patience and help good night all H/harpin :slight_smile:

NP! :slight_smile:

And welcome to the vast and mighty Harmonica Universe, eh? :wink:

Sweet dreams, PJD, Sweet dreams! 8)

Just checking, but how long have you been playing and is this note suddenly sharp? The higher holes can get pretty sharp if you’re not holding your mouth right.

Thank you Gregmatic and I have not been playing a long time coming up 9 months. I was thinking a little while ago it may not be the harp it could be you, you freshman you. So in my limited harp knowledge I tried playing the same stuff on my other favoured harps. It did not happen on my G/M or Bigriver or Deltafrost and also the Blues master. So what limited conclusion I can draw from that is maybe its the S/20 and its a pity because I really like that harp. Thank you Gregmatic for your input and have you any suggestions or ideas ? PS I even toyed with the idea of getting another S20 but then thought see what the guys on the blog think . Also yes that draw hole has always been sharp it did not suddenly happen…Kind regards H/harpin.

It sounds like tuning may be the answer. I saw JP post that the sp20 was a little sharp to start with, and that is coming from a guy that is a big sp20 fan.

Hey Gregmatic I hear you so you think it needs tuning yeh? MMM! me freshman never done any tuning all I know is you r supposed to file top end or bottom end of reed depending on the tone you are looking for. May be too complex for me and you need special tools I think is that right Gregmatic?. Thank you very much…kind regards H/harpin. :slight_smile:

That all sounds right. You would need the Korg tuner as well. The old CA30 seems to have been replaced with a CA1. Hopefully it also hears the harmonica well.

My advice at this stage would be to get another harmonica and save this one for later when you are ready to learn to tune. There are lots of youtube videos on doing it, but I’m not really up for it yet either. I’m a tinkerer by nature, but I don’t feel like I have a good enough knowledge of music yet to go messing with the tune of my reeds.