Sheet note is incorrect i think??

Hi from Ireland…ordered the dvd’s last thursday, they arrived last wed morning…wow, that was fast sir. Had too much to do, so put them one side for later…bout half eight while watching tv and during all add breaks id blow a little…i decided to learn when the saints go marching in, the sheet music that’s in the harmonica box. I was determined to get it as near as possible before bed. All evening and night it wasn’t sounding right until about 2.15 am i discovered something…i believe the second last 6 hole should be DRAW hole, not a BLOW hole like it says. After discovering this it all fell into place and i was happy with the result…finally some sleep. I’ve been working on it ever since and i think it sounds great now. Take a look at the sheet and tell me if im wrong someone.

Just today i learned silent night with jp’s video in about hour and half… now it’s not perfect yet as regards hand vibrato, but im blown away that it only took me only this long. I also checked out the song search on here…pretty cool i have to say…found my favourite song, When you say nothing sung by Alison Krauss, so now i guess i know my next challenge…bring it on, cos im having fun.

Hello from Ireland!

Congrats on you’re acquiring JP Allen’s best selling, world’s most favorite home harmonica DVD course!!

Presuming you have the downloaded books that come with the series, here is Point 4 from the same:

4. FEEL FREE TO BE CREATIVE!!! When I learn songs, I always assume they’re not written exactly correct and I give myself the freedom to add my own touch. I like to use harmonica tablature as a guideline. For example, when the same note is played twice I sometimes like to play it only once and sustain it with a soulful feeling. So, whether you’re playing the songs from this songbook or if you’re finding songs on the Internet, I recommend you give yourself the freedom to change the notes so they sound right to you.

The dirty little secrets about using tablature are that while most tabs are good as guidelines – still, many others, from the easiest to the more advanced, have misprints and such. And since the tabs as a whole are copied over and over again, more often than not, the errors go with them.

I don’t know exactly which tab sheet you are looking at now, so until then, I can’t exactly comment on it.

However, this is what I like to do, and I share it with you here:

I like to arrange songs the way I like to play them. So I’ll take several song/tab sheets and hard copy them off my printer.

As I go through them, where I find errors and such, or yet better ways to play them that I like – I pencil/write in the tabs, holes, notes on my sheets!

You can also notate with a star * or such where a ‘harder’ or more difficult passage is coming up – So that you can be more aware of it as you get to it to play it smoother. Etc. Etc.

Most all musicians - from beginners to masters - have their notebooks and carry their sheet music scores with them; harp players should be no different in these respects either.

Hope this helps you along the way.

Good luck with the JP Allen home harmonica DVD course.

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I liked this part :). I usually use this when a) I can’t play this part correctly
or b) Song doesn’t sound right to my ear.

Thank you street Player Dude for the good advice, i will certainly take it on board.

Welcome! Best of Luck on your Harpin’ Journey!