Shure Green Bullet

I am new to the world of harmonica and I love it, can anyone help me locate a Shure Green Bullet microphone and for that matter what is a resonable price for one?


Or Amazon…or Musician’s Friend…or just google it for that matter!

As far as prices go…the cheapest you can get for the best quality is what you want! Sounds obvious, but you just gotta look around!

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I’m hoping other members agree with me here but although the Shure Green Bullet has legendary status, in recent years since it become the 520dx it isn’t really that great anymore.

It holds quite a hefty price tag and new players always seem attracted to it because of the ‘shure’ name and the way it looks. I personally think there are better mics out there either new or vintage where you can save a bit of cash.

Just my thoughts


Got any suggestions for a beginner mic a newbie can grow with?

To respect the forum rules I need to tread carfully to answer this question.
As I run an online harmonica shop I cannot suggest an actual mic as it looks like i’m trying to sell you something.

However, if you are intersted in taking a general look round please feel free. The link is at the bottom of my previous post.

Good luck

(hope this is ok guys)


I see no problem with you pitching your goods here or any where else. What I do have a problem with, and please don’t take this personally, is the prohibitively expensive shipping costs from across the pond for us here in the U.S. All too often I’ll find a product/service that because of it being overseas I defer to a local (U.S.) vendor.
You offer an honest product, and I wish you nothing but success in your enterprise.
Super Prez

Hi Superprez,

No offence taken. You are right, shipping costs for long distance are distinctly off putting.

However, you guys in the US have got it the right way round.

I bought a mic from the US last week and the shipping was $17, with a bit of research I know this was the best available. If I was to send the same mic back to the US it would cost about $7!

Thanks for wishing me luck, boy I need it.


Forgive me, you arre right. I should have made the distinction of where in the EU one here in the states is trying to do business, as the UK is a bit fairer in its policies compared to some of the neighboring members.
I inquired about buying reeds from Mike Timler (harponline) before he went to Hohner, even in a quantity I would never have used in my lifetime the shipping from Germany was more than the reeds :(.
Soup or Prez

EBAY has them. But so does Amazon. Both sites have new and used mics.

May I suggest you look at the shaker mics, they are pretty awesome and they have a bullet type mic ala the Shure green bullet they call it the retro rocket and it is 40% smaller athan the Shure green bullet. I think Shaker’s web address is again both EBAY and AMAZON sell them. is a furniture website. The site you are talking about is (I was interested and had to look it up) Thanks for the info!

Please don’t fall into the assumption that the 520DX is the mic you are looking for!

Modern “green bullet” has NOTHING in common with those chicago bullet mics. Better get an sm57+impedance transformer

Would you please explain what a SM57 has in common with those “Chicago Bullet Mics”?

LOL, nice one.

Of course, sm57s have nothing to do with the chicago sound. I’s just my Russian logic of the sentence. My thinking goes like this:

  1. If you search for a 520DX, chances are - you are looking for an overdriven tone.

  2. Most likely you have heard that overdriven harmonica on the “chicago” style records

  3. 520DX will not give you a good sound.

  4. SM57, on the other hand, will give a very good overdriven tone when cupped with an impedance transformer.

  5. Most likely you will like that sound.

=> SM57 is a much “safer” purchase than 520DX.

I’ll stay with my “Rod Piazza” modded JT30 and Fender Super Reverb (tubed down) for that thick tone. For a stick mic I’ll opt for my Shure Unidyne PE54D which is dual impedence, close cupped, played over the top of the mic rather than cupped directly around the mic for more acoustic sounding tone.
Super President

No worries, I can follow that logic! lol


In about '87 I decided to go electric and bought a 520D. I have never been happy with it, but can’t bring myself to sell it because I keep thinking I might try the impedance re-wire thing and see if it makes it sound better. In the meantime, I have been using a Shure SM58 and I like it so much I can’t seem to find the time or inspiration to experiment with re-soldering 2 wires in my 520D.

That’s just my 2 cents worth. Of all the advice and opinions I have read, the most useful is, “find what sounds good to you”.

I once had the oportunity to try someones Hohner (Blues Blaster) with a volume pot on it and I liked it alot. Looked like an Astatic and might be the same thing. It belonged to a pro player type so he might have had it worked on.