Signature harmonicas

I think someone here posted a link in another thread to a set of Bob Dylan signature harmonicas. I also noticed that Hohner has Steven Tyler signature harps. Does anyone know anything about these? Are they just spec 20’s or some other line with a signature cover? Or are they actually something unique?

I would be sceptical about these harps, it’s probably just a trick in order to sell more. If they were signature harps by somebody who is actually a master at the instrument, I would look different at it.

I thought but I might be wrong on the dylan harps he played them once.

but I don’t think theres anything else special about them except maybe

There just a collectable.

When Dylan passes they will be worth it to a collector but right
now there not worth it…My opinion.

They would be for an investment if you were to buy them now.

to answer your question Charles are they unique well if you consider his autograph on a harmonica unique I guess it is.

Harp On!!

How unique are they really from a collectors point of view? I mean, Hohner probably mass produces them, they’re sold straight of their website. I bet there are thousands of them out there in people drawers, under beds and stashed away in garages. The christmas gift that never got used.

If he had hand signed them, maybe, but I think they just print his signature onto the harp like any other writing.

But whiskat aren’t they $25,000.00, could they mass produce that set and sell them for that much money. And really expect to sell them all…

You know what I mean,

this is the set I was thinking Charles was talking about but I might be wrong.


Harp On!!

I noticed on ebay that someone was selling Steven Tyler harmonicas for around 20 bucks. They are listed as higher priced in the catalogs over spec 20’s. So I was thinking if it was just a spec 20 with Tyler’s signature engraved on the cover, then the 20 bucks would be a good deal. That’s why I was wondering if they were just another model harp re-branded or if they were an entirely different unique model. The signature would have no interest to me as I’m not a big fan of either. I’m just looking for good harps at bargain prices. And 20 bucks is a good price if it’s a good harp.

I did a search on yahoo last nite for Les Stroud Hohner Harmonica (Surviver Man) signature harmonica and found this is a SP20 (his favorite) with his signature engraved on the covers. It sells for $19.95 which is a good buy for a SP20, but it only comes in key of C.
I’m gettin 1 for a spare C to have around.

In general the signature harmonicas are way overpriced, to take advantage of fans. I don’t know about the Les Stroud, but that could be a good price (if it’s really a SP20), maybe due to a clearance or something; they no longer have that one listed on the Hohner site.

I also see the Steven Tyler Artist series in A on Amazon for $25. I’m not sure if that’s worth it either; I think it’s probably a Chinese made model similar to the Blues Bender, which uses the same case design (and which isn’t worth the $18 it normally sells for). Suggested retail price is $40, so it’s unlike worth $25, given how absurd Hohner suggested prices usually are.

On the Dylan harmonicas, the ones actually hand signed by Dylan are Marine Bands, and priced at like $5,000 each, with only 100 of them (plus 25 sets) available.

The Dylan signature series model doesn’t have an actual signature, just an engraved one on the cover plate. These look like they are actually MS harps. The case is one give away, that’s the MS case, designed to exactly fit the MS harps. The screws are also from the MS harp. It looks like it’s essentially an MS Blues harp (wood comb), with gold plated reed plates (another gimmick), and vented covers similar to the Big River. I wouldn’t pay $30 for it, but they had priced them at $100 and now they are selling them for $60.

There’s also a second Steven Tyler model, the signature series, with a suggested price of $115. Not sure on that, but it could be an MS harp as well.