Silly single note problem

After a week of practice on single notes running into a “blow” problem. While i have little
problem with drawing on any of the holes, blowing almost always seems to put forth
a “two hole” effect. Any tips on what I’m doing incorrect ? Many thanks.

Nothing really “wrong”, it is just that when you draw your lips naturally want to move in because of the suction and when you blow they naturally want to move out because of the pressure. Make sure you are playing through your bottom lip with the back of the harp tilted up to help with this. Also you can try using a lower volume of air. With practice this will pass, but brush up on that deep relaxed embouchure and you’ll see this pass quickly.

Tipping the BACK of the harp up a little more toward your nose will help.

Tape or nail polish trick… you can cut some electrical tape into small squares about the size of the letters on your screen and place a square on the bottom side of the harp under the even numbered holes (it may take 2 pieces stacked to feel it).
While playing if you want to play an even # hole you will feel the tape in the center of your bottom lip. If you want to play an odd # hole you will feel the tape to each side of center of the bottom lip.
A few layered drops of fingernail polish can take the place of the tape, is less noticable and can be flacked off with a fingernail with no harm to the harp when it is no longer needed.
This helped me to center up on the holes in the beginning.

Tongue blocking eliminates this problem immediately, unless of course you can’t count to ten using the tip of your tongue.

My deep thanks to gregmatic and paulbunyn for the excellent advice.
Its already starting to pay dividends - you folks are great.

jim w