Silvertone amp

A good little practice amp or for small jams is a Silvertone 1481. All tube, 5 watts, volume and tone controls. These amps sound awesome! They either make you play better or sound better I’m not sure which. I bought just the amp on ebay, no cabinate or speaker. Built a cab and installed a 12" Rola speaker out of a 70’s tube organ. I wish all amps sounded this good. I have less than $200 in it. I see them on ebay every so often for less than $200. The origanal comes with an 8" speaker. Silvertones only drawback is the cabinates are usually particle board. All there expertise went into the actual amplifier, which was time well spent!


Nice job Harplayer you should give us a sound bite how you sound through it 8)

Harp on!!

Here’s a clip of a vintage '63 the guy sold on ebay.

Wonder where on ebay you got yours, harp player?!
1963 Sears Silvertone 1481 Tube Guitar Harp Amp

That’s what they sound like! I think the 12" speaker in mine might give it a little different sound and more volume.