Single Note on C Harp

JP says that the #1 hole is the easiest to play. I’m finding it difficult to get a decent sound out of #1 draw. Sometimes I can’t even get any air up through the reed. I think I’m at least doing most of what JP says to do: lower esophagus, lower tongue, deep lip position with angle. Might the reed need to be adjusted? I’m using a Hohner Special 20 and the Bluesband that came with the lessons. Thanks for any help here!

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘decent’ sound. But if you are having the same problem with both the Special 20 and the Bluesband, then my suspicion is that the problem is with you and not the harps.

Keep trying and make sure that you are isolating the 1 hole effectively.

When I got my first harp just over a week ago, I couldn’t produce any clear sounds out of 1,2 and 3 holes. And also thought there was a problem with my harp. So I bought a different model the next day. Same problem. It far improved for me now with daily practice. Stick with it. :slight_smile:

Fast loading website as well. Add the convenience of watching them do it.

Not sure what you are saying. Website? Please explain. Thank you.

Ignore that…it’s a bot.

OK. Thanks for clarification.

what do you mean by decent sound? are you getting a sound like a ship blowing before leaving harbour? If yes then its right cause the #1 hole is specifically meant to sound like that.

No. More high pitched. I would think that “ship…” is more like what it should be?