Single note question -

Hey everybody -

New to the forum. First post. Just bought the happy harpin lessons. Got me, my daughter (10) and son (7) all doing them together :slight_smile:

We all play guitar together so excited about adding the harp into the mix.

Got a question that is probably a repetitive question. I read JPs notes on the deep relaxed mouth position. Im getting better about putting the harp deep, but i still have to pucker the sides of my mouth to get a single note. Is that right or wrong.

I have a tenancy to over think things so I don’t want to make this overly complicated. I just can’t see how the a deep relaxed mouth could produce a single note. There has to be some tension in the side of the lips (deep pucker is the way i’d describe what I’m doing).

Don’t want to get off to bad habits and want to explain correctly to my kids.

Is it a deep pucker or if your full relaxed, what directs the air to a single note - that’s the piece i’m missing?

Thanks in advance -


disreard, i just stumbed onto the right html page that has the detailed info i was looking for -

Appreciate it -

Which forum link did you find? I’m really struggling with the deep mouth relaxed position with single notes - I can do it if I pinch my lip and tip the harmonica but as soon as I let go of my lip I’ve lost it. Now, I’m gonna 'fess up to something - right now I’m waiting on dentures (which means I’ll have to learn all this all over again sigh). Is it possible or probable that having no teeth is what’s stopping the single hole note from happening??