Slant Harp Turner, at your service

Hi all!

Just coming back to playing the instrument after a few years away and just now starting to get my chops back. I’m not much of a blues player. My second position playing is honestly pretty weak but I almost never play any of the old blues.

What is the saying “People love hearing blues, but they hate buying it”?

Having grown up in the 90`s I prefer alternative rock, pop, funk and some metal. Much of popular music has shifted heavily into minor keys and as a result, I gravitated towards playing 3rd position instead of 2nd almost exclusively.

Where most harp players I have met barely use anything above hole 6, hole 6 for me is my middle and I barely play below hole 4. I love playing slant. I’ve been “accused” by some players of playing my harp like a sax, a flute or even a trumpet rather than a harmonica. But I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. Here is a nice example of my playing.

Just wanted to get on a forum and trade anecdotes, tips, pointers, etc so just wanted to say hello.

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