slide plates sticking together

I have a super chromonica by M. Hohner and I’ve been having real issues with the slide plates sticking together. Every time a play my harmonica and put it aside the saliva causes the slide plates to stick together and the push bar completely freezes. How can I eliminate this problem?

Clean the slide shuttles with warm water and mild soap. This is a very common problem with chroms. Whatever you do, do not put any kind of lubricants that aren’t water soluble on the slide. Any substance will eventually find it’s way to the slots and valves and will cause much more harm than good, especially oil-based lubricants which are near impossible to clean out.
A quick way of freeing a stuck slide mechanism is to apply water to it. Hold the harmonica so the slide button is pointing to the ceiling, slowy apply water till it drips from the bottom end, try the button, if it doesn’t free up wait a little while and try again. I use bottled water with a push-pull nipple on top and just drizzle it down the mouthpiece, the water will act as a solvent to loosen up the saliva that has dried and caused the problem, it always works, but a cleaning is definately in order.

Yeah, I dig the chromo, except for the aforementioned issue! I try to take it apart and just rinse it a bit after I use it.


The way to eliminate this is to play with a clean mouth. I’m serious. When you’re slide locks up like that, it’s sugar. I’m guessing you’re drinking a Coke and playing or something. Sugar will make it lock up like cement.