Slower single note musuc

T hear Lee Oscar quite a bit and was wondering what all you pros think of the L O harps and what K is best for slower music like Sound Of Silence, etc.


Lee oscar is a high quality professional grade instrument. Mr. Luke enjoys the brand and teaches with them in the Beginner to Boss course. I own Hohner Special 20, but Lee Oscar is also a premium brand.


Thanks I may get one to see which is best. The Hohner crossover plays so well out of the box. Draws on both the high and low end are so easy and sharp. Hohner is agood one but they seem to be a bit temperamental.


Here is one for you @scott4 Stairway to Heaven


Thanks so very much as this is exactly the practice I need. Its seeing the note and automatically hitting a blow of draw with good timing I need to work on. I have to listen to the tune a time or two in order to get the correct timing. I am seven weeks into my endeavor and this will take me up the latter a step or two and add several links in my chain.

This post much have taken so time, which I very much appreciate. Its also the type of music I like. Any suggestions on a book that has the tabs? I practice about two hours a day and doing what this allows is EXACTLY what I need and want.

Hopefully I will have the opportunity to return the favor. The only one you could possibly benefit from now is if you come to Texas make sure its in the spring or fall. I cannot remember the last rain of afternoon temperature was at least 102 F. Its is the global capital for pretty ladies and Austin a musicians heaven. Willie Nelson came to Austin and saw just how much music the city has. He stayed because of that and it seems like it was a great decision.

I have plenty to practice with and what you provided was great.

With kindest Regard


P.S. You are one of the guys that makes this forum so great.