Small Hands

HI all, I am pretty new to Harpin, about 3 months now, and I am loving it. I just got JP’s DVD set yesterday, but have been watchin his videos for about 2 weeks now. I have learned so much. I have an issue though.

You see, I have rather small hands. I have a very hard time cupping them to get the effects and waa waa sound. Doesn anyone have any suggestions?


Ryan ;D

Hey Ryan,

You can do two things.

  1. Wrap your hands around the lower one third of the harmonica. So you can still cup your hands around the harmonica but just only on the lower one third of the harp. This will serve you well when you get into bending

  2. Keep your fingers strait and make sure the pinkies come together to create a seal.

Remember…the hands don’t need to be “perfect”. What’s most important is that you can hear them effecting the sound. Let your ear be your guide more than the look of your hands.


Perhaps this will give you some ideas how to hold the harmonica even with small hands.

Have Fun, John

Blues Harmonica Secrets Revealed (Gussow.043)

Blues Harmonica Secrets Revealed (Gussow.044)

Thanks for your replies. Ihave done this and am getting great results!!

JP, I just got yourDVD’s, and am blown away at my progress

You do a great thing!!

God Bless your work