Small practise amp?


I am a beginning harpster, and I’m looking for an inexpensive small amp and a mic to go with it. So far, I am considering the Pignose 7-100, Roland Micro Cube, and Vox DA 5. Any recommendations about these three, or should I look at something else?

As to mics, I’m looking at the Shaker, Astatic J-30 Roadhouse, and the Bottle O’ Blues. Thoughts?

Thanks very much for helping a newbie.


Hi John et al
I just joined the forum this evening. I am looking for exactly what you are describing. I have not gathered brands and models yet. I would love to piggyback on your quest and learn from your experience… thanks for that opportunity… I will listen in on the recommendations that you receive.
Greg Markel

Hi John, welcome to the forum!

Here are some mini amps you should check out:

Pignose 7-100: This is a very nice, economical practice amp. It has a big sound and you can plug it into other amped equipment. Costs around $70-$80. Link -

Epiphone Valve Junior: A really awesome deal for the price. This is a 5W amp and has a “vintage tone”. It has a single volume knob, but it provides a wide variety of tones. At low volume, you’ll get a standard clean tone. When you crank up the volume, this little amp will achieve a distorted, overdriven sound. Costs around $120. Link -

Fender Super Champ XD
: A little expensive (around $300), but this is a really good mini amp with 10" speakers, tube, and FX section (reverb and delay). Link -

Danelectro Hodad Mini Amp: A tiny practice amp. Costs around $40. Link -

Smokey Amp: Nice little gadget you can carry in your pocket. Great for practicing and trying out new ideas on the go. Costs about $30. Link -

Hope this helps!


After taking advise from some very knowledgeable players, I’ve decided on the Vox DA 5. Now I just need to decide on a mic.

I purchased a Red Howler by Digital Reference. It looks like a Green Bullet only red (obviously). I don’t know anything about sound or tone but I like the way it sounds through my amp which is a used Roland Cube 15. My cat doesn’t like it though. He must be a piano or violin cat.

I was at a benefit for a local VFW and put a $35 bid on a new Kona amp. Figured I would be outbid, but I wasn’t. Didn’t really need another amp so I tried to sell it on ebay. I guess everybody out there never heard of Kona either. It didn’t sell. So I started messing with it. I was blown away!!! This amp is loud with far less feed-back from any solid state amp I’ve ever played on. Seems to work best with my LoZ Electro Voice, but I have used my homemade mic with a Shure element (99A86). I have to turn it down though.This is a 20 watt amp with a real spring reverb. It has volume, gain, gain output, bass, mid, treble and reverb. The reverb sounds great. It even has a built in tuner. There is a headphone jack and one for channel switching. I take this to open mic jams all the time. Best amp for the money I ever spent.
Point being for around $125 you can buy the same amp. Plus they make smaller ones, 10 watt. Check it online.

I bought another amp at a garage sale. It’s a 10 watt Matrix. Never heard of it either. But I couldn’t pass it up for $5. Not a bad little amp. I use it at the house all the time. So the next time you see a garage sale it may pay to swing in and see what they got.

Howdy John!

Figured since I spent all day today searching my old faves list for this, I might as well post it over here too:

Reviews in here:

Hope it can help in your decision making overall!

Ciao, babe!