SmokeeDee Is in The House.

Hello everyone, I am Smokee Dee and I have been playing the blues for 2 years now off and on as a hobby.

I like to BBQ and BBQ at competitions. While I am bbqing I play my guitar and I’ve picked up the harmonica.

I am not too bad but mainly started sounding better now, I am not James Cotton Or Sonny Boy yet. With a lot of practice I can be.

I just picked up the Irig Mic for the Ipad and The I rig mic holder as well…

If you want to know a little about me here is my FaceBook fansite.

Harp On y’all

Welcome to the forum! I saw your facebook. Are you a misplaced southerner? :smiley: Tennesseean here! Food looks Great! Best of luck on the harp and the BBQ Business.

[quote=“paulbunyn, post:2, topic:3102”]
Welcome to the forum! I saw your facebook. Are you a misplaced southerner? :smiley: Tennesseean here! Food looks Great! Best of luck on the harp and the BBQ Business.
[/quote]Thanks blues brother.

Yeah one thing you gotta know about me even with spell check, I suck LOL.

Thank you for the welcome sir.

I’m thankful for the spellcheck on this forum myself! I guess I should have used it! I wish they had it over at! You’ll like this forum. Lots of nice helpful folks here! Just make a post if you get stuck, you’ll find lots of encouragement!

Thank you kindly Paul.

And ask about BBQ if you need any help in that area too I am always willing to trade skills or teach it for free.

I am still trying to figure out the throat vibrato.

Pleased to meet you!

Post a clip or two of yourself playing so we can hear ya!


Vibrato is a VERY HARD advanced skill and can be achieved in several different ways (or so I have read). JP has his way, Gussow describes his differently, and Gindick different still. The way I have found to come close to successfully pulling off the vibrato came from Mr. Jason Ricci. He discrib es it as bouncing your belly or diaphram as you inhale. I believe he gives this lesson on Youtube. Which ever way you decide to learn first it is going to take lots and lots of practice and muscle training. But this was the easiest way to start and get results. I still can’t do it very long or loud (weak stomach muscles) but I am working on it.

Burning Thunder, When I get good I will ok??

Paul, Thank you. Yes I’ve been listening to Jason.

Hes really good.

I like to post a clip of me playing a small piece to see if I am even in the right ball park of it.

No worries bro! And no offense taken I hope. (Its so hard to tell with written speech!)

And from experience, I can almost positively say that you’re better than you say you are! lol

No worries at all!


Everyone is nervous about playing in front of others, especially for the first time. Best to do it among friends that have been there! I am still skiddish playing, just bite the bullet and jump in there! Your usually better than you think you are! They say your inner critic is tougher than reality! I personally hope that is true!

Hey Smokey, if you made machine gun sounds when you were a kid and you haven’t lost the skill, then you’ve got throat vibrato. uh uh uh uh uh, and get those little green army men out.

That’s Gindick’s trick! I have trouble doing it on the inhale!

It will all come in time. Just relax and have fun with what you have already, while you learn more.


Welcome to the Forum.