So Guilty; Not Guilty; Somewhere In Between?!

For such like me following this:

My thoughts:

Guilty of Aggravated Murder in the Second Degree;

Sentenced to 30 years;

With time served and good behavior, out on the street in 20!

Anybody else?!

Glued to my seat all day listening to it or a big part of it anyways.

Trying to explain to my 12 year old that she’s probably going to be found
guilty but there’s no way there going to give her the death sentence.

Leaning toward what you predicted SPD.

2 things

  1. Is it the longer the jury is out the better chance she has at getting off is that true?

  2. I don’t know how she can sit there knowing the TV camera is on her. Listening to all
    the graphic details from the prosecutor, and the videos of her playingwith her daughter
    and everything and not break down stand up and SHOUT!! I did it! I did it! Please forgive me
    and then look up to the heavens and ask GOD to forgive her.


Harp On!!

I saw that some of Bill O’Reilly’s Culture Warrior babes on Fox confessed to having difficulty explaining things to their children about this case as well.

Sure, there’s good news all around to talk about. But something as tragic as mother Casey, cute little girl Calyee and the rest of the odd-lot family grabbing national attentions the way they have been for the past month or so…Yeah, definitely one for the memory books!

Insofar as juries go…Truthfully, honestly, JF – Depends on who you hear or listen to.

Half say the longer the jury stays out the better for the defendant; half say the longer the jury stays out the better for the prosecution; and still yet, the other half is 50-50 on the whole thing! Hehehe!!

Meaning, you probably have a better chance picking a Super Bowl winner than predicting what any jury will do!

Sure, most everyone, even the least knowledgeable of the game, will get into Super Bowl fever during that time of year…It’s good whatever happens!

But too, national even global attention cases such as these do appeal to another side of our curious natures as well…It’s definitely sad whatever happens! For the grace of God, eh?!

Insofar as Casey sitting there stoic as possible with only a few spots of emotions - be her crying, smiling, whatever – Yeah, all part of that trial by jury game too!

My lady friend who has been following even closer than me talks about this fact or that one from all the websites she attends. I keep telling her that like OJ Simpson, I don’t care what those facts are if they haven’t been presented in the case. I look to what we and the jury have only been offered in the courtroom at the time.

As far as armchair quarterbacks and talking heads outside saying Jose Baez, the defense attorney, blowing anything – Well, from where I sat, he did make some odd comments but also some compelling arguments which may create some jurors even one to hang the rest.

She agrees to some extent. But and so like us, we’re all on the edge of our seats wondering what the final verdict will be.

For the grace of God, eh?!

You know what? I give up.

To Hell with the Devil, as I always say.

I followed the story for a bit, but its so dang nabbed screwed up…

To Hell with the Devil!

Let justice be served in the eyes of God and men, IMHO!


Verdict in!
Not guilty as to murder and aggrivated child abuse.

Guilty of 4 counts of false report to law enforcement.


Not about the fact that she’s not guilty…That’s absolutely amazing in and of itself:

Rather, if/when they ever find those unknowable bodies I buried in an unknown location at some unknown forgotten time –

If/when I ever get charged for them –

I want BT on my jury!!

Anybody who can fall asleep and not make heads or tails of anything is somebody I want in my corner for sure!!!


lol, you bet SPD!

To Hell with the Devil! If she is guilty, God will take care of her on Judgment Day!

To Hell with the Devil!


I have been resisting passing judgment and I won’t. All I will say is I have heard Lawyers and Judges both say Truth and Justice have no place in the court system. I believe they are right.

Well, the little girl died somehow. Weather it was an accident or not it’s not normal for a mom to just go on like nothing has happened at all and not say anything for over a month.
I think it stinks on ice but in this day and age the Jury wants DNA, finger prints and other “hard” proof before they bring down a guilty verdict. Like I said, it stinks on ice.

My oppinian is, if you find a dead girl with duct tape over her mouth and nose, it wasn’t an accident. It shouldn’t be this difficult to see that the girl was killed on purpous. And also, the fact that the mom doesn’t seem to be missing her child much kind of says that she didn’t really love her child in the first place, which tells me that there’s no reason she WOULDN’ have killed her daughter. Are you following me, or am I just rambling on? ;D

I follow you!


Can you believe she said she wants to get pregnant again when she gets out?
Sadist part is she will find some fool who will assist her!