so, i finished watching and playing with the dvd boxset but....

Hello everyone!
well, i just finished working with the 3rd and final blues dvd of Jp allen but i feel as if im missing a lot.
i now know the 12 blues progression bars, but i dont know any nice and good riffs to feel the missing time between each bar.
Bah, im pretty frustrated… in the first blues dvd i learned some nice riffs and i was sure i will learn a lot more in the upcoming 2 dvds, but i haven’t.
any suggestion how should i learn more blues riffs?

No need to feel frustrated, just need to look around more! Hehehe!

While JP’s lessons touch base on virtually every phase of the harp; and he puts more into them than most anyone I’ve ever come across; and that’s why JP Allen’s boxed dvd set is the best-selling, world’s most favorite home harmonica course that it is –

Still, it’s only the beginning of a long and wonderful lifetime journey!

Our friends at have plenty of 12 bar blues licks/riffs to learn and play along with:


Keep On Harpin’!

SPUD got it pretty good there…but here is another suggestion!

Listen to lots of harmonica music! Go on YouTube, and search harmonica and the genre you are looking for. If you hear it a lot, it starts to come out in you! Try to find the key and try to play along! Copy what you hear, and then do some variations, and eventually you will have you own unique style!

But thats my theory!

Peace Out!


any recommendation on specific harp players you like?

any recommendation on specific harp players you like?
Honestly, seriously we can all sit around day and night and drop names left and right, similar to:

But really, actually who I like, you may not; who you like, I may not; and vice versa every way and sideways to ad infinitum in the wide and vast Harmonica Universe.

So best suggestion and bottom line:

Go through our fine members posts here and over to youtube for some/many harmonica player clips of music you like and are interested in; go to amazon or someplace similar and purchase some/several cds of your favorite players to add to your collection.

By all means:

Enjoy & Have Fun!

Keep On Harpin’!

PS: Just found this thread offered by our fine members too:!%27/

Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!