so many Harmonicas

Hi JP why are there so many harmonicas? I have a "Hohner Special 20 that you recommended, a Hohner Marine Band in G, Great little Harp in C,and I just bought a Blues Band in C, of all of these I prefer, by far, the Marine band, the Blues Band that I just bought sounds terrible, my question is why so many?
Wouldn’t just one in C or G or A or whatever do? What is the Harmonica with a button on the end do? Does this Harmonica replace all the above?
Thanks Gerry.
P/S I still practice but mostly with my Marine Band in G. is that OK?

Um Gedoi, that’s like asking why are there so many cars, houses…people?! hehehe!!

It’s all business; and depends on what part of the globe you hail from.

Harmonicas are made in virtually every corner of the world nowadays!

From Germany, China, Japan and other places - Now after almost 100 years, one company in the USA has recently sprung up too!

The harmonica with the button on the side is called a “Chromatic” harmonica.

It can play the chromatic scales with sharps and flats by pressing in the button when the notes and melodies call for them.

To play the chromatic scales on a diatonic or 10-hole harmonica - Well, that’s where you have to do that ‘manually’ with your mouth and learning the techniques.

There is no advantage to have a chromatic over a 10-hole - Only choice of music you wish to play; and how you wish to achieve those ends.

There are advantages and disadvantages to various 10-hole harps in quality, price, etc. But this is all part of the harmonica universe and harmonica business as it is. And you’ll have to learn this only through experience.

Since most lessons are written and done for the harmonica in the key of C - You’d do yourself a world of good by getting at least one. There are plenty of recommendations throughout this forum - But the bottom line choice is yours as to where you begin with it.

Hope this begins to help answer your questions here.

Good luck!

Keep us posted!

Keep on jammin’!