Soaking harmonicas

With the new harmonicas, does anyone still feel it is necessary to soak their harmonicas?

I saw a youtube video of Neil Young I beleive in a concert and he was sitting pulling his harp out of a glass of water…

I don’t know for sure I don’t do that…

Harp on!!

Would that be for harmonicas with wooden reeds? Don’t know–just a thought.

This would not have any effect on the newer harps which have rosewood combs, the whole idea is that they should be water resistant.

If wooden comb ie like Marine Bands ignore. But for Suzuki Harpmasters, Bluesmasters, Promasters, Lee Oskars & Sp20s I clean as follows , and have done for years:-

-Strip apart being careful to ID the reed plates with a permanent marker so that you can put them back without being upside down & back to front.

-Use a denture cleansing tablet in a tumbler of warm water & soak reed plates for eg 15 min. Steradent make a denture tablet that is ok to use with metals.

-Use dishwashing liquid + an old toothbrush to cleanse the comb and cover plates.

-Rinse off all parts in clean water.

-Hang out to dry in a shady area. I use bent paper clips to hold the parts.

When dry re assemble being carefull not to overtighten any of the screws ie don’t tighten one and then another but do tighten them all gradually. If you overtighten you may strip the thread or have a harp that leaks air.

This method of cleaning I have found restores the harp to ‘as new’. Minute gunk is removed from the reeds and plates that was dulling the sound. Harps sound better.

If you realised what was in saliva you will know that the above process can :wink: do no harm. But don’t try it on a wooden harp.

Wow Dave (formerly Bill)l!

Never occurred to use denture tabs before; but yeah, with spit and stuff from the mouth to the reeds, it all makes perfect sense now!

I’ve been using Oxyclean generic knock-offs, same stuff I put in my laundry. But am definitely going to try this one!

Great tip! Thanks! :-*

Good advise David or do you go by Bill!! LOL just kidding, Dude’s getting dizzy from this forum I think…

UMMMM that’s it.

gotta go home and show my son that star wars darth vador harmonica post…cant wait.

harp on!!

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Don’t forget to sit and play the song with him too now!

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I read somewere (I think Jon Gindick) that your mouth is like a landfill of germs specially when your jamming,(party atmosphere) and it is wise to buy your harmonica a drink (Vodka). It helps to clean, sterilize and removes moisture.
Maybe it was Vodka and not water he was using!
I dip mine in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes, rinse with water, tap it out and dry with hand towel. Can’t let the Marine Band soak because of the wooden comb but a quick dip, swirl, rinse,tap and dry doesn’t seem to hurt it.

it is wise to buy your harmonica a drink (Vodka).

Wow! Cool beans! Just found another use for my bottle of Russian courage after these here:

SPASIBA!! :wink:

SPD Out!!

I can’t see any harm in sharing a drink with a close friend! :wink:
Hasn’t hurt my harps yet. Not the plastic comb ones anyway.

I can't see any harm in sharing a drink with a close friend!

Ooooh my! As in just how close a friend? As in Reply #17-21:

Hey, man, it’s all good! And nothing wrong with that!!


Would say bottoms up, but haven’t heard back from you yet!


I’m speaking of my close friends, the ones that brings me up when I’m feelin down, the ones that shorten along boring day and keeps me company while I’m recovering, the ones that aggrivate the HE…CK out of me lately. My buddies Hohner, Suziki and Piedmont.
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Whatever works for you, Sir Paul, whatever works for you!


Keep on jammin’, bro, keep on jammin’!