hi guys and gals can some help me out there is there any software out there that can help me to bend notes at all they say ap tuner can help is that right hope you can help

How about the bendometer?

I thin it has a free month demo on it?

Go to youtube and search bendometer for a preview.

Try Harmonica Tuner Pro. Free app and shows overblows, ALL bend notes and will also help with chords and single notes. But relax and and be patience and above all FUN. I am new to harpin’, but I know that you need to continue to work your basics and enjoy your harp.

Good Luck and I hope this help.

There’s 90% of the trip, Jawbone.


It would beat my method of attaching a guitar tuner to the end of the harmonica and trying to read the notes change on it! Now if I only had a smart phone.

By being able to visually see the bend, I can train my ear.

My problem is achieving the half step bend in hole 2 and the 2 half bends in hole 3. :frowning:

I can get the full bends, but have a lot of trouble getting those half steps.

I can see them occur on the tuner, but they occur on the way down to the lowest bend. I can’t stabilize them.

I watch fellows on youtube demonstrate them and it looks so easy, but doing it is another story. A couple of weeks ago, so was any type of bending.

Fortunately, I have other, more pressing things to work with on the harmonica. :wink: