Some useful computer programs

Some useful computer programs. For learning the harmonica.
I not sure about linking to other sites so…
Google ‘Bendometer and AP tuner’. Probably been posted already but i thought them to be useful.
Maybe worth checking them out.

All the best.
Bendometer is free for a few tries. Then if you like you pay


Been posted about several times, as in here:

As it may be considered a “refresher”; as I’m still in a holiday giving mood, I won’t use the Las Vegas zapper on it then:!/

No need to thank me!

Just have fun!


Keep On Harpin’!

That Bendometer is incredibly handy to watch as you learn how to bend
or at least it was and still is for me.

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A harmonica friend sent me the following link. It’s free; super sensitive; and he swears by it for tuning his harps:

Man all them frequency’s and 20 cents and exact change and 40 cents.

It goes way OVER MY HEAD!!

Harp on!!

Also before i forget. If you’ve got an android based phone (smartphone ?). Bendometer will work on them as well.

Man...It goes way OVER MY HEAD!!

Um, er, uh, what doesn’t?! ::slight_smile: :o

But, yeah, I get your drift! :smiley:

This is my startpage, great resource!

Hi Guys,

Just a quickie, I havew tried downloading Bendometer but it doesn’t seem to want to install onto my computer. Do you know if it runs on Windows 7. I think this maybe the problem.



I’m using windows 7 64bit.
Try downloading java first. Then install bendometer.