Something different with the harp!!

This is a little YouTube number I came across and it sounded a little different. What do you think?
SWEET GEORGIA BROWN: PowerBender Harmonica with Loop


Pretty cool, I NEED MORE GEAR!

Harp On!!

Really Cool!!! I need more talent!..And more gear.

That is pretty outrageous! But I like it!


You may have found other videos he has made but I thought it was worth showing a second video with Brendan showing his new product. For a $30 product it sounds quite good.
PowerBender Harmonica: Brendan’s Own-Brand Model

he has a website at giving details of his products but also some cool CD’s. I hope I am not harping (sorry guys) on this guy but I was just interested and I thought others may also find it to be of interest.

I like these vids, especially that the voice and the harp are at the same volume. So many vids like this you have to decide whether to get your ears blown out by the harp or not hear what they are saying.

Thanx! I thought it was MY computer.