Song Help and Advice

Hello, I am pretty amateurish when it come to music and harmonica. I am teaching myself acoustic and the harp off and on as time and interest allows. I had a buddy of mine as me to prep to play along in a song 1 year from now. 11 months 29 days by Johnny Paycheck. The problem I am having is I think my Harp is in the wrong key. I have been learning cross harp on an A Major Diatonic Lee Oskar harmonica. The holes I play sound close but not quite right. I haven’t played in some time now so my harp might need the reed replaced holes 8-9 sound a bit rough. I’m am just needing help on if I have the right key of harp or not. PLEASE HELP!! Any advice will be welcome.

Here is a link to the song.
Johnny Paycheck - 11 Months and 29 Days

I am just looking for the key this song is in. Or can anyone identify the key the harmonica is?

Hey Snowman,

Take your “C” harp out and give it a try. I just did and it was pretty cool.

Playing up in the higher octave. Using a lot of the 7B 8B and also 8B’
stay up high. It was pretty cool.

Thanks for sharing.


Thanks I’ll give it a shot.