Sonny terry lick

Well, this is my first attempt to get the sonny terry lick that Addam gussow posted a lesson for
PS . Im using an A harp
Sonny terry lick

Nice job!

How about posting the lesson too, and we can learn as well?!


“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Nice job,

Esso sounds really difficult to play how long did it take you to learn.

You sounded good.

Harp On!!

Thank you guys :smiley:
I posted the lesson for all of u guy here
PS. Addam gussow has many other cool instruction videos
Blues Harmonica Secrets Revealed (Gussow.008)

Thanks Esso,

glad you included the key of Harp Adam didn’t,

It’s a pretty fun lick to play.

Harp On!!

Well… Addam always plays in Bb which im beginning to like more and more because of him :smiley:

Can I get a little help with this one. Does anyone have this tabbed out because I think I am missing something here.

I struggled with this one for a while but I ‘think’ I’m starting to get the hang of it. Between Adam and JP we have 2 outstanding teachers! There are no harp teachers within easy striking distance of me so I have to rely on them and my instructional book.