Spec 20's vs Suzuki Promaster

Hi all,

I got a Spec 20 as per JP’s advice, and I love it!! I can take a note drop it to the well and bring it up again, and have learned to do it with the Khoo Wee method!! I am using many exclamation marks due to extreme excitement. Anyway. When I first picked up a harmonica in the summer and was learning to play tabs (very airy no soul tight lipped embruchure) I was looking at the Pro Master from Suzuki. I liked how it was rounded and didn’t have the sharp edges.

Anywho, to my question, Special 20 versus Promaster in sound and durability, any ideas?

I am asking now, because I am on the intermediate Blues video, and need to get more keys, but I want what I get to be what I use.




Go to this link, SPD wrote a great report, review on different types of harmonicas.

Absolutely going to have to be your decision, everyone has there favorite.

But SPD has given you a lot of information here so you can make an educated choice
or just get more confused…Still your decision to make, we all have our favorites.


Harp on!!

Thanks for the plug, Big Buddy Joe!

Although nobody added to that particular open thread; still though many have contributed quite freely and fairly about all their harmonicas of choices throughout this ever-growing forum.

And to be honest and transparent (unlike our current POTUS - don’t get me started, yo!) I have never owned any Suzukis ever.

For that, doing some research on our friends Suzukisucker, Barry and Dave T members’ posts, just to name a few, will definitely assist you there.

Good luck!

Keep on harpin’!

Well, i’m hoping to get my Promaster soon. I have a Special 20 in C and once i get my Promaster, i’ll tell you the difference/similarities! ;D


Hey Ace, I have both and in many keys. I like both equally and for different reasons. But, none of those reasons has much to do with how well they play, they both play very very well! The difference between them regarding play and sound is subtle! I like every harmonica I buy and they become my favorite for a little while, but I always seem to go back to my homemade customized Special 20’s (best bang for the buck on the market). Having said this I’m waiting for my B-radial to arrive in February and then maybe I’ll be playing a different tune (pun intended).