Special 20 2 hole draw

I seem to be having a problem drawing the 2 hole on my new special 20. Should it be different than a bluesman?
Also are the holes slightly further apart?



Hi Dave,

I can’t comment on the difference between the bluesman and Special 20 but I do know it’s very unusual to have a faulty harp particularly if it is new. Most new players when they start on the harmonica have trouble with the 2 draw so depending on your experience it may only come down to more practice. Let us know how you get on.

Along with Keith I can’t comment on differences between the Bluesman vs Spec20, as I own the latter not the former.

As for his comments concerning newbies and their initial problems with the 2nd hole, I totally and wholeheartedly concur.

Your lips mouth embouchure all have to get working together, and this all takes TIME!


Good Luck!


Keep On Harpin’!

Thanks guys. I’ve only been playing a couple of months, but I just bought a Special 20. The sound is lightyears ahead of the old standy and bluesman I have, but I’ve noticed I seem to have to move farther to get the single note. As to 2 draw, I guess that’s just practice. I’ve noticed that when I’m playing a song, my low number notes sound fine at the beginning but toward the end, I end up sucking air, with no sound. I guess I must be tensing my tongue or something.

Well there’s no shame in being a newbie/beginner…

All our regulars here were at some point in their journey; and there will be more following behind you along their journey.

Using the Search function on the forum toolbar for such topics as “Single Notes” will give you plenty of tips, suggestions and discussions we’ve shared with each other on the subject.

This one here will definitely help get you started:


Good luck!

Keep On Harpin’!

Hija Dave - I am a certified beginner and happily working my way through JP’s course ;D

I had the EXACT same issue with 2 draw and i found that it sounded a little like i was sliding into a bend!!! After some experimentation (and practise) - i prooved that the harp (also a Special 20) was OK and it was just me - rofl…I found that by adjusting the angle of the harp in my mouth - ie - slowly rotating the harp upwards produced a clear draw (bendomoter confirmed :)) - so for me it was a matter of practise and angle of harp - i still need tons more practise to hit it first time every time but it may be a similar starting point for you?? Cheers

I had an issue playing the two hole draw also. I found in a different thread that if you tilt your head up it sounds alot better, not sure why but it does work. I also found that if I decrease the angle of the harmonica when trying to play the two hole draw that it works quite well for me.

Howdy friend,
Considering you mentioned difficulty not at first, but after a little play time, I believe your trouble is at least partly tension. This is a problem my beginning band students often had, and the best advice for them was relaxed, controlled breathing. I know it can apply here with harps because I’ve heard JP harping (oops) on relaxed embouchure and breathing. My byline is: the music rides on the air. The application of air THROUGH and out the instrument makes the difference. With brass instruments, this is the answer to extreme range and endurance. Relaxed … BUT … well supported breath. Just use JP’s course, and it will start to fall in place. I had a lot of trouble with bends at first, which of course was the fault of my cheapo harp. I started the course with a different, better harp and soon got great results. Something must have happened to that cheap harp, because now it bends like a good one. Somebody must have sneaked in and fixed it. LOL
Keep at it. But while you’re following good advice, try another harp and see if you get the same results. It’s made by people and machines. Problems do happen. Nothing is perfect.
Not even old


Cheap harmonicas are harder to bend on, so that is why you didn’t have as much problem with the cheaper ones. You are unintentionally bending the sp20 because it is easier to bend. There’s good advice here, don’t worry you’ll get it.

You sure will get it. Just relax and have fun!
If you’re like I was, one day you’ll realize, “wow, I can bend all over the place.”
Unless you’re sitting in a small chair, and then you can only bend forward and maybe to the sides. OK…sorry. But it may really surprise you when it does come to you. RELAX