Special 20 from now on

I was buying all of my different keyed harmonicas as different brands to give me a chance to try them all out. I duplicated my first brand today and now I have the special 20 in the key of C and A and I have a delta frost in the key of A and a special 20 in the key of A. I didn’t like the response on the delta frost key of A that I bought but I though it was just because that was the way the key of A was, but now that I have the SP20 in A I know that it was the brand that made the difference and not the key. The SP20 in A is way easier to play than the delta frost in A. I won’t be buying anything but special 20s for a long time.

Ya I’m the same way with the Golden Melody I have all the keys and every once in a while I’ll but something different just to try it out.
And after I say why did I bother why not just stick with what I like.

I think also it’s what you get use to and I got use to the Golden Melodys and thats the harp that fits my hands and mouth the best.

Harp On!!

Once I learn to set my harps up for the response I want I may give Suzuki Bluesmasters another try. The bluesmaster is the most comfortable to play as far as the way it fits my mouth and hands, but I hate the response on it. If you try to snatch a 1-2 draw it chokes like crazy, but I have to admit it felt good on my lips. Oooh Oooh Oooh I wanna go crazy, wait I already am. Anyway, I like the response of the Golden Melody as well, and I like the full cover plates, because they make it more comfortable in the hands, but I don’t like the Protruding reed plates or the ET tuning. It’s a good thing there are so many options and harmonicas are relatively cheap.

For the same reasons you hail and merit the Spec20s, are the same reasons I’ve given my Lee Oskars another chance - and now prefer them slightly better overall.

After using the Spec20s with it’s JIT tuning and easier to learn bending etc. – One day playing out on the street, I switched out my Spec20 in G for my Lee Oskar Bb. I impressed myself!

The LOs play a bit louder and clearer. Once the stiffer reeds get ‘broken in’, LOs hold up pretty well. And although LOs, like GMs, are setup in ET - still, it makes the Blues sound a tad ‘dirtier’ in the chording, but it’s all good!

However, whenever an absolute neophyte asks which harp they should get to start on – Hands down, the Spec20 in C always!

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Being somewhat OCD I’m kind of the same way when it comes to having “odd” harmonicas. It just feels nice to have all the same type so you get the same feel and stuff. I’m going to try and go all Lee Oskar except for maybe my Hohner Deuce and a Quarter, it’s got a wooden comb that I sealed with Butcher’s Block Oil and it’s in the key of A(my favorite key) and plays and sounds awesome. It’ll probably be my one “special” harp but all the others will be L.O.'s

Although I’m not that picky, I use different harps in different keys. Some of my Spc. 20’s go out of tune fast. Some of my L.O’s reeds go bad sooner than others. I like the Golden Melody D better than the other four of my L.O.‘s. I like the C in the Pro harps. I also like the Crossover C better. I like the Manji Suzuki in E. My Suzuki Bluesmaster and Delta Frost in A has never failed and they are my oldest. I believe the Delta Frost is actually a Suzuki Harpmaster in disguise. I’m experimenting with Bb harmonicas right now for some Junior Wells songs. Even tho’ he used Marine Bands, I still like some harmonicas better than others.

Howdy fellers,
Just chiming in to say I’m still here if not so often lately. Busy and work a lot, and I’m thankful for that! I got a line on a spec. 20 for $15. Can’t pass it up. There’s only one, so I’m hurrying to get it . Of course I still love my MB mod. Plays great. I’m on that spec. 20 though even if it is a C harp.


Can never have too many Cs, BB!

Last year, I went on Amazon and saw me one of those only one left in stock Spec20 C for $15 ads. Of course I clicked on and ordered it. Even with $3-$4 shipping & handling it’s still a great bargain. Not even Musician’s Friend could/would match it.

Two weeks later, same seller with only one left in stock Spec20 C for $15 ad appeared.

Whatever works, eh?!

Keep On Harpin’!