Squeaky 7 Reed.

I was playing a Piano Man duet with my brother when I realized that when I blow into the 7 hole it was very squeaky. My 10 draw reed also does not work at all. What can I do to correct this? ???

Check for fuzz or a piece of sumthin stuck in the reed!


I tried to clean it out, but it still gives out. :-\

Squeaky highend blow reeds can be caused by the reed cavitating at the rivet heel (if the reed is riveted) simply, the reed is trying to twist sideways rather than ocillate along its length. A small dab of beeswax should quiet this for you *Locktite works well too. I get the impression however that you are perhaps a beginner? Technique could be the culprit, blowing too hard can cause the reed to rattle/squeak (cavitate) as it is being overworked. As you ascend the harmonica the reeds get shorter and stiffer, and actually take less wind to activate, but your emboucher must be corrct in order to make the reed sound correctly, or at all (ie. hole ten) Breath thru the harmonica, the term “less is more” is very appropriate to harmonica. I encourage everyone to at least TRY tongue blocking. Good Luck, Keep Playin’!
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I thought that too, but I tried playing on other harmonicas and it I wasn’t having that problem. I took off the cover and adjusted the reeds on both of the problem areas, and it seemed to help. BTW I’m KINDA a beginner. I’ve been playing off and on for 3 years. Thanks for the advice! ;D