Squeaky harmonica holes 8,9 and 10

I have been Playing my harmonica for a couple of weeks now but one think that is really bothering me is that every time I go up high and try to play holes 8 and up I just get a squeaky noise coming out not a nice sound like it should be. I was wondering if anyone could give me a bit of advice or just tell me what I am doing wrong.

Many Thanks

Maybe try blowing into these a little more gently? I’ve had similar problem with my Hohner Marine Band, but not with my Lee Oskar. I also found that if I blow more gently on the Marine Band, the sound is ok.

I find I get the same thing from time to time. It’s usually because I am forcing it to much. For a lack of a better description if I try to “play” the notes or “hit” the notes my harmonica goes all squeaky. But if I just breath threw the instrument I get better results. If you know what I mean.
Relax and take it easy you will get a more harmonious outcome. :wink:

I had trouble with hole one and still have a lot of trouble with hole 10. I found with hole one after watching JP’s lessons again that my tongue was too close to the roof of my mouth and I was actually bending a little. I think I am having similar trouble with hole 10 but still not sure exactly what the problem is. I noticed that with one and ten I need to reduce the angle of the harmonica in my mouth as well. Not sure if that is good advice and would welcome any thoughts other